The winners of the competition “Teacher of the Year of Russia – 2022” shared their opinion on the “gold standard” of education

A press conference was held, during which the winners of the professional competition answered questions about the competition and changes in the education system.

Photo: press service of the Ministry of Education

The press conference was attended by Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Anastasia Zyryanova, People’s Teacher of the Russian Federation, Rector of the Tyumen Regional State Institute for the Development of Regional Education, Director of School-Lyceum No. 34 (Tyumen) Olga Roytblat. And also the five winners of the competition “Teacher of the Year of Russia – 2022”: Zilfira Batyrova – English teacher of gymnasium No. 1 in Noyabrsk, Veronika Mushkarina – English teacher of academic lyceum No. 95 in Chelyabinsk, Dmitry Lutovinov – teacher of history, social studies, MHC school No. 16 in Orekhovo-Zuevo, Yulia Bakhmutskaya – teacher of history and social science at secondary school No. 83 in the city of Makeevka, Akhmed Lamarkaev – teacher of Russian language and literature at mathematical school No. 1 named after Kh.I. Ibragimov, Grozny.

Among other things, the contestants answered questions related to federal basic educational programs. So, according to Veronika Mushkarina, there is nothing terrible in the FOOP, it is obvious that innovations are frightening if there is not enough information about them. But after meetings with experts and a large number of discussions in the professional community, doubts disappear. After all, such a system, first of all, takes into account the interests of children, so that they do not experience unnecessary stress if they have to move from one school to another.

“Now I can say with confidence, having arrived in my hometown, that my colleagues, everything is fine, everything is under control, everything has already been great there for us. All that remains of us is to implement,” said Veronika Mushkarina.

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In turn, Yulia Bakhmutskaya spoke about the fears of many teachers that after the introduction of the FOOP, some of their creativity in working with children could be taken away from them when they independently develop teaching methods. According to her, after talking with specialists, these doubts disappeared, because teachers, as before, can bring a creative component into their work.

And Zilfira Batyrova expressed her opinion on behalf of the teachers of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, where situations often occur when children move and go to a new school. In her opinion, the new “gold standard” is, of course, the solution to the problem. The most important thing is that educational standards will make it possible to invest in students the mandatory minimum that must be learned in the framework of secondary general education.

Dmitry Lutovinov noted that not only the program, but also textbooks will be produced according to a single standard. Now there are a large number of tutorials that reflect completely different points of view. And this is not always good for students. In this regard, the “gold standard” will bring order to this area.

Akhmed Lamarkaev admitted that most of the teachers took this news as something chilling. But he also noted that each teacher can present information in different ways. The task of the FOOP is not at all to fetter the teacher, but rather its function is to determine a single educational trajectory.

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