The winner and prize-winners of the “Best educator” competition were awarded in the Voronezh region

In the village of Orlovka, Khokholsky district, an award ceremony was held for the author’s project of State Duma deputy Sergei Chizhov “The best educator”. Among the best are two teachers from the local kindergarten “Firefly”. They were presented with awards and prizes, and the whole team of “Firefly” – thanks.

In 2021, the number of nominations was expanded in the “Best Educator” project. The residents of Voronezh had the opportunity to express their gratitude and support in the struggle for valuable prizes not only educators, but also their assistants, as well as teachers of additional education. Therefore, all the teachers of “Firefly” and their assistants took part in the competition. According to the results of the popular vote, a team of 11 people turned out to be two laureates. Larisa Lebedeva took the third place in the nomination “The best teacher of additional education”. And Anastasia Presnyakova took fourth place as the best educator.

According to Anastasia, she has a kindergarten at work and at home: she is a mother of four children.

– Preschool education in recent years has become an increasingly responsible place of work. State pedagogical standards have become stricter. Responsibility is growing. And our salaries, taking into account the rise in prices, leave much to be desired. Therefore, there was a material incentive to take part in the competition. But – not the main one! I wanted to try my hand and understand if I was in my place? .. When I saw how the parents of the pupils supported me, I was convinced that I had chosen the right profession, – said Anastasia Presnyakova.

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Larisa Lebedeva, who took the third place in the nomination “The best teacher of additional education”, teaches children music and dance, puts on theatrical scenes. For 24 years now, she has been traveling by bus to work in the Khokholsky district from Voronezh. At first she worked as a music teacher at the Oryol school. Then she moved to the branch of the children’s art school. And since 2008, she got a second job as a teacher at Svetlyachka.

– My first graduates have already become parents themselves and now they bring their children to music in my kindergarten. The work is, of course, difficult, but very interesting. Children take your strength, energy. But they also give a lot. We must be able to instill in them the right taste. Help to figure out what is momentary and where is real art, – said Larisa.

Larisa found out that teachers of additional education could also participate in the project when she registered on the competition website to vote for Anastasia. A cash prize of 20 thousand rubles for a music teacher is certainly a nice amount.

In 2021, about 700 preschool teachers from 21 districts of the region took part in the competition. More than 10 thousand Voronezh residents voted for their favorite kindergarten teachers. In total, over the years of the implementation of the author’s project of Sergei Chizhov, over 3.5 thousand educators were nominated in it, who were supported by almost 80 thousand residents of the region.

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