The warriors are rearranging themselves: How things will continue after the long Bundesliga season

When will Prokop be officially presented?

There is no exact date yet. His contract is valid from July 1st, but a performance will probably only take place around the middle or end of July, at the latest at the start of training.

When does training start?

On Monday, July 26th, Christian Prokop asks his team to start preparing for the season.

When does the season start?

The first matchday in the handball Bundesliga is scheduled for September 8th and 9th. In the DHB Cup, the warriors only enter in the second round (October 5th / 6th).

Is Fabian Böhm nominated for the Olympics?

The warrior’s captain is part of the expanded 28-man squad. National coach Alfred Gislason has to reduce it to 17. This decision was supposed to be made yesterday, but it was postponed. Also still in the squad: the Hanoverian and ex-warrior Timo Kastening.

Who of the other warriors is in Tokyo?

Only right winger and double world champion Johan Hansen have chances. His Danish national team is defending champion in Japan. Hansen is in the 19-man squad, which has yet to be reduced. The new Swede Jonathan Edvardsson is not in the national team.

Pictures from the last game of Recken trainer Carlos Ortega against SC DHfK Leipzig

Pictures from the farewell game of Recken trainer Carlos Ortega against SC DHfK Leipzig


Is sports director Sven-Sören Christophersen in Tokyo as a ZDF expert?

Definitely not in Japan. It is conceivable that he will be involved as an expert from the studio in Mainz. But this role is still open.

How is Christophersen’s seasonal balance sheet?

“I would have liked to have a balanced point account,” says the sports director. One more win, one less defeat, however, was missing. For a long time, the warriors bobbed around in 13th to 15th place, far from safe before the relegation battle. With a good final sprint, the warriors crawled into eleventh place, one place behind the finish line in the top 10. All in all, it was a “good season” for Christophersen.

Do the players, coaches and managers of the warriors have to forego their salaries?

This is – as it stands now – not up for debate. Last summer’s agreement ends on June 30th.

Will the roster be expanded?

The squad planning was actually completed with the most recent contract extension from left winger Jannes Krone. Apparently, the warriors are stepping up again. The hot candidate is Bastian Roschek, whose contract in Leipzig expires. Prokop knows him well from their common Leipzig times, he made him a national player. Kreisläufer Roschek could help the warriors especially on the defensive. After the departure of Alfred Jönsson (Skjern) and Malte Donker (Eisenach), only the Swedish playmaker Jonathan Edvardsson has been determined as the only new player.

Who will be Prokop’s assistant trainer?

That’s not decided yet. There is also no short-term solution in sight. This personality takes time.

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