the warning bar falls on their car, they are seriously injured

It was a terrible accident that happened on our roads this Saturday morning in Lichtervelde. Valerie Herreman, 49, and her son Ward, 13, were returning from the city center. To do this, the mother and her son had to take the tunnel that allows them to pass under the railway tracks. Problem, the driver of a van with a removal lift passed, in the opposite direction, to the same as them in this tunnel. And the driver of the vehicle had misjudged its height …

While trying to take the passage, his removal lift struck the metal signal bar indicating the maximum authorized height (2.3 meters) in the tunnel, to prevent a vehicle from getting stuck inside. Due to the impact, the heavy beam gave way and crashed into the windshield and roof of the Skoda Fabia driven by Valérie.

A sudden impact for the mother and her son who saw nothing coming. “She did not have time to realize what was happening exactly”, also confides the ex-husband of Valerie to Laatste Nieuws. After the impact, the Skoda ended its race a few meters further on the right side of the road, colliding with a parked vehicle.

Aware when they were taken out of the car by firefighters, Valerie and Ward were taken to hospital with serious injuries. The tunnel was closed to traffic for long hours.

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