The Vologda Region proposes to update the program for attracting personnel to medicine

At the site of the Vologda City Duma, the initiatives of the United Russia faction in the field of attracting personnel to medicine were discussed. The theses voiced during the discussion will be included in the faction’s program for the next five years.

The discussion was attended by the deputy of the ZSO Sergey Pakharev, as well as the head of Vologda, chairman of the board of the Vologda Medical Association Yuri Sapozhnikov, representatives of the health department and the territorial CHI fund, chief doctors of medical institutions.

According to Svetlana Pchelintseva, head of the medical aid organization department of the regional health department, the issue of staff shortages in the health sector in the region is being addressed with the help of targeted training, but the shortage of doctors and nurses still remains.

“Today 70% of therapists and 75% of pediatricians study in targeted areas. As part of targeted training, all university students are paid a scholarship in the amount of 4 thousand rubles. Since 2012, 240 doctors and 48 paramedics have been employed under the Zemsky Doctor program. The program continues. There is also targeted training of paramedics: 3-4 year college students, not only in our region, from all over the Russian Federation, who are ready after graduation to come to the ambulance station and work there for 3 years, for 3 and 4 courses they receive 4 thousand rubles a month “, – explained Pchelintseva.

At the meeting, the idea of ​​supporting ready-made specialists was voiced.

“Starting this year, we plan to introduce a new measure of support for paramedics and doctors who will work as ambulances – additional payments to doctors – 10 thousand and paramedics – 8 thousand monthly for 3 years. This is relevant for young professionals who do not yet have seniority bonuses, ”added Sergei Pakharev, deputy of the Vologda Oblast Legislative Assembly.

The head of the city, Yuri Sapozhnikov, proposed to spread the successful practice of Vologda and Cherepovets in providing doctors with preferential mortgages in all districts of the region.

“All our initiatives – in Vologda and Cherepovets – regarding mortgage support or compensation for rental housing for the districts would also be relevant. Similar programs can also be introduced in the municipalities of our region. This does not require significant costs. And Andrei Nikolayevich Lutsenko instructed the heads of districts to prepare proposals. If the chief doctors believe that such a measure of support is necessary, the heads of municipalities should be informed about this, ”summed up Yuri Sapozhnikov.

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