The Verkhovna Rada permitted to receive vocational education again free of charge | Community television

This is stated in the draft law No. 7293.

As the head of the Servant of the People party, Elena Shulyak, said, the document will allow free professional education in other professions, but not earlier than 3 years after the completion of free professional education in the previous profession.

You can apply for repeated free vocational education subject to the availability of a confirmed 2-year insurance experience, as well as vacant places after the enrollment of people who will receive such education for the first time free of charge.

Re-education can be obtained without a 3-year period and the necessary insurance experience. It will be able to apply for people who, for health reasons, have lost the opportunity to perform work in their previously acquired profession. Also, such education can be obtained upon request to urgently meet the needs of the state or region.

The deputies also allowed to receive vocational education without simultaneously obtaining a complete general secondary education, which can be obtained later. The parliamentarians also banned vocational education institutions from accepting documents and enrolling people for free education if they register their place of residence on the territory of another territorial community.

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