The Valencian Inclusion Income compensates more than 6,700 records of the Minimum Vital Income

The Generalitat Valenciana compensates through the Valencian Inclusion Income more than 6,700 files of the Minimum Vital Income of the central Government since the benefit was launched. According to data from the regional government, its services have had to modify 6,765 files to make them compatible with the Minimum Vital Income, a benefit that, on the basis and on average, implies less economic compensation than the regional income.

The average benefit recognized by the Minimum Vital Income, according to the Ministry of Social Security and Migration, is 460 euros, although the guaranteed income threshold ranges between 470 euros per month (in the case of single-person households) and 1,033 euros per month. month for living units made up of two adults and three or more minors, three adults and two or more minors or four adults and one minor. Until February, 50% of receiving households received a benefit of less than 500 euros per month. In the three Valencian provinces, the average benefit per household is 440 euros in Valencia, 492 in Alicante and 445 in Castellón in the month of March.

On the other hand, the average benefits of the Valencian Inclusion Income is 600 euros and 82% of the holders receive an average of 641 euros, corresponding to what is known as social insertion income, which carries with it the service itineraries social, a measure that the central government wants to start implementing. By provinces, this income implies an average amount of provision of 572 euros in Valencia, 641 in Alicante and 588 in Castellón, not counting the housing supplements -either in mortgage or rent- and aid for energy supplies. These supplements represent a support of 65 euros on average in the case of supplies and between 100 and 150 euros for rent and mortgage. Thus, the average difference, without taking into account the accessories, is about 130 euros per month per household.

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As for the beneficiaries, the National Institute of Social Security published this Thursday the updated data for the month of March. The department headed by José Luis Escrivá will pay 203,838 benefits to homes where 565,195 people reside in the next few days. On average, each household that has been recognized as the holder of the Minimum Living Income is made up of 2.77 people. The majority of households that receive the income are made up of a single adult or an adult and a minor, with more than 41,000 living units in these two cases. According to data from March, almost 44% of the people who live in households with the benefit are minors and almost 70% of the coexistence units to which the March payroll will be paid have at least one minor in they. The payment of 152 million euros corresponding to the March payroll brings to more than 920 million the total disbursed by Social Security in these nine months.

The vital Minimum Income was one of the star measures of the coalition government and, for the moment, it leaves about 70% of applicants out, a large part of them due to income criteria. According to the ministry, “most of the refusals have been produced due to not meeting the vulnerability criteria (by exceeding the income and equity thresholds), although 10% of the refusals are due to the lack of accreditation of the security unit. coexistence “, a cause that has been modified from the decree in January. According to updated data, of the 873,000 files processed, more than 811,000 have been resolved, of which only 210,720 files have been approved. The 82,500 duplicate files must be deducted from the total number of files received (1.2 million), which leaves the total number of files to process at 1.16 million for the entire Spanish State. The Valencian Income of Inclusion, according to the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies directed by the vice president Mónica Oltra, has processed 11,431 files until March, of which it has accepted 10,134 and denied 1,279, only 10% of the total. Autonomous communities such as Valencia maintain their insistence on the Government to co-manage benefits and include social insertion itineraries.

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