The UNR increases the amount of its student scholarships – Aptus

This increase reaches all the Scholarships of the University Welfare Program, and implies an additional budget of 8 million pesos over what is already assigned.

The National University of Rosario decided to increase by 30 percent the amount of the scholarships that were granted for this year.

“Aware of the need to continue accompanying our students in the context we are going through, we have decided to increase the amount allocated to each of the UNR scholarships by 30% as of August 1”, explained the rector Franco Bartolacci.

The UNR Scholarship program aims to promote the access, permanence and graduation of those students who, due to their social and economic situation, require accompaniment and assistance.

The increase will impact from August to December 2022.

In that sense, the rector Bartolacci added: “Access to higher education is a right and from the University we continue working to guarantee it. May those who need it most know that there is an institution that will accompany them at every step so that they can enter, go through the university and graduate.”


The sustained growth of investment in scholarships has allowed the UNR, since 2019, to double the number of scholarships awarded and add new options.

The 2022 call is made up of six major types of scholarships: pre-university, access, permanence, graduation and training and academic excellence, and collective.

“The Scholarship System is a very important tool for our university, we know that the economic context is still very complex and that is why we decided to increase investment”, added Rector Bartolacci.

What are college scholarships?

It should be remembered that since 2020, specific scholarships for UNR middle school students were incorporated into the system, and the Public University Access scholarship was implemented for the first time, so that they are the first university generation in their family. Two years later, more than 250 students are studying at UNR thanks to this program.

In addition, the Comprehensive Assistance scholarship was put into operation, a measure that arose from the situation generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, dedicated to those students whose possibility of continuing their studies is affected. During the past year, this scholarship increased the number of recipients by 40% in direct comparison with the previous period.

The Connect scholarship was also implemented, which aims to ensure internet connectivity for the university community so that it can continue carrying out its academic activities, when it is carried out virtually. These benefits remain in effect in the 2022 program.

In turn, this year the call for scholarships was opened in two periods to cover more students and the call for the new Universitary residence, which is located in a strategic and central point of the city, and has 36 rooms to house 150 students. In the coming months, news will be known to apply to the 2023 call.

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