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While the Group of Seven (G7) Summit is being held in London, England, illustrations that satirize this conference have appeared in China and are attracting a great deal of attention. It is ironic about the United States, which has been oppressing China under the banner of multilateralism, and the western nations that are in tune with it.

An illustration was posted on the 12th at China Microblogging. The title is “The Last G7 (THE LAST G7)”. It is a work of digital graphic artist Han Oke (pen name). In the parody of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, a series of Chinese analyzes appeared at the same time as it attracted a lot of attention shortly after its release.

The illustration shows animals wearing hats in place of Jesus and his disciples. At the center of Jesus is the United States, symbolized by the bald eagle. The table prints dollars, but the raw material is “toilet paper.”

On the left are Italy of the wolf, Japan of the Shiba Inu, Australia of the kangaroo, and Germany of the black eagle. Italy is represented by wolves because of the myth that Romulus, the founder of Rome, and his twin brother, Remus, grew up drinking wolf’s milk. The Shiba Inu is a Japanese indigenous dog, like the Jindo dog in South Korea. It can be seen as a symbolic animal of Japan, but one Chinese internet user interpreted that “choosing a dog instead of the Japanese national bird, the pheasant, is a metaphor for Japan’s attitude toward the United States.” The black eagle is the national bird of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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On the right side of the United States are the United Kingdom of Lions, Canada of Beavers, and France of Roosters. An elephant is kneeling on the floor under the table. Recently, India has been suffering from a new coronavirus infection (new pneumonia). You can see a piece of paper with the words “Help me (HELP ME)” nearby. The yellow water that elephants drink while bleeding from their heads is the “urine” of cows. In India, the myth that “If you eat cow manure, you will not get the new corona” has spread, and the Indian Medical Association has issued several statements that it is not true. China was described as a frog trying to climb up with money on the table.

There are many other suggestions in the illustrations. First of all, Japan. Shiba Inu is pouring a green drink. However, a sign of radioactivity is drawn on the kettle. Everyone is drinking together with the permission of the “bald eagle”. It seems to be ironic about Japan’s release of contaminated water.

Kangaroos are dripping with the Chinese flag, but they are about to disappear. Australia, which is in conflict with China in the Wuhan virus origin theory investigation on the issue of human rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, has recently seen a sharp decline in trade with China. One hand of a kangaroo, which is becoming economically difficult, has extended to the US dollar.

A Canadian beaver stands with a female wood carving doll in her hand. It is believed to be Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the founder of Chinese telecommunications company Huawei and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Meng is still in court in Canada on suspicion of violating economic sanctions against Iran and fraud. China believes it is because Canada is looking at the complexion of the United States.

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Italy is eye-catching. The wolf is in a position to raise both hands and refuse. In The Last Supper, Peter’s younger brother Andrew is dressed as “not himself” behind Judas Iscariot. It seems that the United States was labeled as “not a traitor,” but it also means that it is as close as China. Italy is the only G7 cooperating country in connection with China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which is an overseas expansion project. Of the three major European countries, Britain is right next to the United States and is portrayed as if it were in a good mood. On the other hand, Germany and France sit farthest from each other at both ends of the table, with no “green drink” poured.

The meal of “The Last Supper” is a cake with the Chinese flag. And above the United States, the words “Through this we can still rule the world” are written. As of 13th, a considerable number of Weibo’s comments are “coldly observing how the United States and Western countries are trying to treat China.”


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