The two Marteria concerts in Rostock’s Ostseestadion in comparison

Rostock. An additional concert the day before the actual concert: Because the Ostseestadion show for September 2nd was quickly sold out, Marteria announced another show for September 1st a year ago. This also caused criticism in the social networks in advance.

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The first ticket buyers for the Saturday concert hoped that their idol would come up with something special for the second day of the show.

Guests on stage: Big surprise on Saturday

And he has. While Marten Laciny was singing “Scheiß Ossis” for the best, Campino, frontman of Toten Hosen, suddenly came along – delivered his counterpart “Scheiß Wessis”. A surprise that didn’t happen on Friday. Monchi, singer of Feine Sahne Fischfilet, also appeared briefly on stage on Saturday and also celebrated in the stands and in the mosh pit.

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Marten Laciny’s son Louis had a special concert on Friday – it was his big concert debut. On Saturday he and his proud father were back on stage together.

“Waited a year for it”: That’s how Marteria was on it

On both days, Marteria emphasized that he had been looking forward to the concert for a year. For his show on Saturday he turned it up even more. And he made it clear that Saturday is also the big day for him, the main day: “Things will happen that will make you crazy. Now is the party of the year,” he said.

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In retrospect, that may be sobering for the fans who only came to the stadium on Friday.

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60,000 fans over two days: good vibes

But they also got their money’s worth on the first day of the concert. The mood was exuberant on both days, the fans were really celebrating on both days, escalating with songs like “Kids” or “Adrenaline”, and with “Bengalische Tiger” the stadium was enveloped in a cloud of red smoke.

According to the organizer, the concert was sold out on Saturday and “almost sold out” on Friday. On Saturday, the stadium actually seemed fuller, the fans were even louder. At “OMG” jumping fans made the East Stand vibrate.

Even if the shows didn’t come close to the 2018 event for many fans – Marteria succeeded in the new edition on both days. The setlists and moderations of the two days were similar, until Campino’s late appearance there weren’t any major differences. With the surprise guests and the hit “Scheiß Ossis”, Marteria has come up with a special highlight for the originally announced concert. The fans got their money’s worth that day.


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