The truth: the number of registrations in education has jumped by between 9 and 10% as said by Jean-François Roberge

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In an interview on Qub radio on Wednesday, the Minister of Education Jean-François Roberge affirmed that the arrival of the CAQ in power had marked at the same time an increase in the number of registrations in the faculties of sciences of education of our universities.

“We arrived in 2018, when for years there had been fewer and fewer people choosing a teaching career. Now there are more than 9 to 10% more students enrolling in faculties of education sciences.


According to data from the Ministry of Higher Education (MES), the number of students enrolled annually in these university programs has indeed increased by 9.9% precisely over the past four years.

In fact, 2018 marked the end of a tumble that had begun in 2014 when there were 27,792 students enrolled in the fall term compared to 25,190 four years later. For 2021-2022, 27,674 registrations were recorded.

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