The tribute was embarrassing, shameful and lacking in dignity

The Government’s act to the victims of Covid-19

“Out of respect for the dead, I’m not going to talk about yesterday’s actor. But not because of the politicians, who don’t deserve it. Demagoguery is the most rude thing. There it should have been Ginés González García (former Minister of Health) showing his face, instead of sitting with his belly in the air in Spain, sprawled out and drinking a ‘straw’. Y Cristina Kirchner, who forgot that she is vice president in emergencies. It was embarrassing, shameful and lacking in dignity. “

Morales’ triumph in Jujuy

“Yesterday in Jujuy Morales won. God willing, Milagro Sala is finished. I calculate that Kirchnerism let go of his hand because it is only convenient for him to give him problems. Democracy will clean up the corrupt. For there to be a president there must be a Republic and for there to be a Republic you have to try to vote well and change some criminals, take out the gunk that is right now.

The controversial Paraná waterway, the navigable canal that connects Argentina with Brazil and Paraguay

“Last week I met with a repudiation from the CTA because I said that ‘democracy must be cleaned of these characters.’ And they took me as a face. No, they must be cleaned up with the vote as happened to Milagro Sala. The issue It was not what I said, but I put on the table about the waterway for a patriotic act led by Pablo Moyano, the defendant, Roberto Baradel and a group of other unpresentable people. The issue is that I accidentally stepped on the dance they were putting together . The waterway is a business with China, Camilo Vaca Narvaja has the business.

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They want to give it to China in exchange for a parallel route to the waterway and that a railway is also built that passes through Entre Ríos. It would be a 50-year mortgage for Argentina. The tender would not be in money, but in works that show that they did something to win the vote. They want to get out of Belgium and give the business to the Chinese. I want to apologize to the gangsters for inadvertently talking about an issue that they had been covering up as a national and popular project. Alberto Fernández needs to show works for Kirchnerism to win the next election. What they don’t tell you is that they are going to re-seize Argentina“.

Baby aimed against Let’s change

They are like boys in a school, they are seeing who gets the bell. They are irreverent, irresponsible and immature politicians. With the danger that we have that they give up the hydrovia and private medicine, they continue to play in “see who has it bigger.”

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