“The Trail of a Hero”, “The Little Humpbacked Horse” and a detective series. Where to go to Ulyanovsk residents on the weekend

Long holiday weekend ahead, which means it’s time to plan exciting leisure activities for the whole family. You can go to concerts, performances and an exhibition of reenactors. There is another option – to pack sandwiches, tea in a thermos and go on interesting excursions. Read more in our traditional billboard ulpravda.ru.


The premiere of the week is the family fantasy “The Little Humpbacked Horse” (6+). Ivan is not a tsarevich, not a hero, not a handsome man, and his older brothers even consider him a fool. But everything changes when Ivan has a friend and faithful assistant – the Little Humpbacked Horse. He may be small, but smart and courageous. With such a friend, no enemy is terrible. Well, almost none. With such an assistant, nothing is impossible. Well, almost no. Ivan and the Horse will have to test their friendship for strength, face an insidious adversary, overcome incredible trials and meet such love, for which it is worth risking everything. Well, almost everyone.

Cast Mikhail Efremov, Paulina Andreeva, Yan Tsapnik, Anton Shagin, Pavel Derevyanko.

In “Cinema Park” the schedule and tickets are online: kinoteatr.ru. The ticket price is 150 – 400 rubles.

Cinema “Matrix”: +7 (8422) 24-01-01 Ticket price – 150 – 360 rubles.

Cinema hall “Lumiere” (st. Radishcheva, 148), tel. 27-39-19. Cost – 100 – 150 rubles.


You can go to the Ulyanovsk Puppet Theater tomorrow, on Friday. At 18.00, “Turkin in the Next World” (12+), a performance based on the poem by Alexander Tvardovsky, will be shown here.

After the battle, the legendary soldier Vasily Turkin finds himself in the afterlife. Imagine his surprise when he realizes that there is a system there too: upon arrival it is necessary to register correctly and undergo a medical examination. He is offered a waterless shower, the commandant finds out “whether he died correctly”, the check table forces him to write a biography known to everyone, so that without any mistakes he demands to attach a “card in the form.”

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But there are no tickets for the children’s repertoire. Information by phone: 42-09-68. The ticket price is 210 rubles.

The artists of the Nebolsh Theater are preparing several meetings with the audience this weekend. Tomorrow at 14.00 and 18.00 – to the detective series for the whole family “Koloboks are conducting the investigation” (6+), on Saturday at 6 pm – to the 18th century Italian fairy tale “The Deer King” (16+) – a comedy about love, sincerity and justice … And on Sunday at 11.00, little spectators are waiting for the story of one friendship “The Singing Pig” (6+). Towards the end of the weekend, on February 21 at 6 pm, a concert for the front (12+) is being performed at Nebolshom. The play will tell about the front-line concert brigades, about outstanding artists who supported the spirit of the soldiers, speaking on the front line. The audience will not only hear songs, poems of those years, but also learn a little more about the artists of that time.

The ticket price is 150 – 350 rubles. For inquiries by phone: (8422) 32-22-18.


Musicians of the Ulyanovsk Philharmonic will present two concerts dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day. Military marches and songs about Russia will be performed on February 20 at 5 pm in the concert hall of the Sovremennik Concert Hall. They will be performed by the Ulyanovsk State Brass Orchestra “Derzhava” under the direction of artistic director and conductor Kirill Ilyin and soloists: Honored Artist of Russia Vera Chirkina (soprano), Elmira Sidorova (soprano), Elena Rozhdestveno (soprano). On February 21, at noon, this program will be repeated for Zavolzhtsy in the Ruslan Palace of Culture.

On Saturday at 5 pm the Ulyanovsk State Governor’s Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments under the baton of Ivan Krainik will perform the program “Courage. Valor. Courage ”in the hall of the Assembly of the Nobility.

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On February 21 at 15.00 in the same place the chamber ensembles of the Ulyanovsk State Academic Symphony Orchestra “Gubernatorsky” will perform “Classics over the Volga”. The program includes works by such famous composers as Bach, Saint-Saens, Wagner, Borodin. But there will be new names as well.

Cost – 200 – 300 rubles. Information by phone: 27-35-06, 44-19-73.

A festive program for the Defender of the Fatherland Day is being prepared in the Governor’s Palace. On February 20 at 13.00 in the foyers of the 1st and 2nd floors, the exhibition “To Heroes of All Generations” will begin its work, presented by the exposition of museums, an archive of modern history, a garrison, and patriotic youth organizations. For spectators and guests of the festive concert, a military brass band will play and members of the regional public movement “For a folk song” will perform. And at 14.00 on the main stage the concert “We are the army of the country, we are the army of the people!” Soloists Vladimir Samarev and Denis Zyryanov, folk group Kalinushka ensemble of Russian song of the Children’s Art Center No. 4, and Pop Dance School DanceAvenue will perform in front of the audience. In addition, Russian theater and film actress, Laureate of the State Prize of Russia Olga Budina will congratulate on the holiday. For inquiries, call: 44-11-56.

School of educated child

On February 21 at 10.50, children and their parents are invited to the V.I. Lenin (Lenin st., 70) to the lessons of the School of the Well-Bred Child “Away is good. We are going to visit! ” The string ensemble “Art-Quartet” and soloist Margarita Dolgonenkova (soprano), presenters Ulyana Shaburova and Liliana Chernovalova will participate in the musical program. Museum staff will conduct an interactive lesson “A polite man of the world” about the rules of greeting among different nations, an interactive excursion “Where etiquette reigns” about the rules of good manners in the 19th century, telling about the traditions of the Ulyanov family, and a master class “A book for a beloved mother” , which will show you how to create a book with your own hands.

The ticket price is 200 rubles. Limited number of seats. For inquiries, call: 44-19-73.

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On February 23, from 11:00 to 18:00, the Fire Department of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk Museum (43 Lenin Street) will host a one-day interactive exhibition “Hero’s Footprint” dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Clubs of reenactors from Ulyanovsk, Samara and Ufa will take part in the exhibition. A retrospective display of military uniforms, insignia, weapons and banners will be held for visitors. Chronologically, the exhibits will cover the period from the Civil War (1917-1922) to Afghanistan (1979-1989), that is, almost the entire XX century. Also in the program of the exhibition are master classes on assembling and disassembling models of weapons, saber possession, and the basics of first aid on the battlefield.

Ticket price:

– Children under 16, discount – free

– Students (children from 16 to 18 years old, as well as those studying in educational professional programs, regardless of age upon presentation of a document) – 100 rubles.

– Adults – 200 rubles.

Preliminary application is welcome! Information by phone: 32-89-36.

Excursions and quests

A kaleidoscope of exciting excursions for the holiday weekend was prepared by the Tourism Agency of the Ulyanovsk Region.

PS Please check the information on the indicated phone numbers: the organizers may change the time or place of the event, as well as cancel or postpone it without notifying the editor, the cost of events and other conditions may also change.

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