The traditional concert of Santa Cecilia returns to Celano, on Saturday 27 November

Celano – For many the 22 november it is a day like any other, but not for those who have chosen music as a life partner. Tradition has it that the 22nd of November celebrate and remember Santa Cecilia, the Roman noblewoman converted to Christianity and became the saint protector of musicians, instrumentalists and singers.

That of Santa Cecilia is a very popular cult, “between sacred and profane ” so much so that all over the world on November 22 concerts are celebrated to remember the Saint. For the masters and musicians ofACM City band of Celano the day of Santa Cecilia is one historical tradition, an emblematic moment, an opportunity to meet and share with the public and music lovers.

Last year just to keep the tradition and honor the day concerto it was held however with the possibility of being followed in streaming, this year, on the other hand, it will finally be possible to go back to crowding the “Enrico Fermi” Auditorium by Celano. Traditionally the concert is held on the first useful Saturday after November 22, therefore Saturday 27 November at 5.30 pm the musical cultural association band city of Celano will return with the historic event in honor of Santa Cecilia.

The show will be open from Junior Band directed by the teacher Mariano Filippetti, then followed byWind orchestra directed by the teacher Giuseppe Iacobucci which will delight the audience with a mixed repertoire of original, opera, symphonic music and some exploration in the world of tango. Guests of the evening will be the percussionist Tonio Vitagliani, the accordionist Nuncio Cleofe, singer Antonella Gentile, the soprano Emanuela Marulli, the mezzo-soprano Lorena Lepidi, the tenor Benedict Augustine and the baritone Alberto Martinelli. During the event there will also be an exciting tribute to Giuseppe Piccone, historic band player recently passed away.

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The traditional concert of Santa Cecilia returns to Celano, on Saturday 27 November
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