The tone of the buttons

WIf he travels more often in the ICE open-plan car and, willy-nilly, has to watch and listen to people working intensively on the laptop, he will be able to confirm that a person’s character is sometimes also reflected in the way he uses the computer keyboard. Some people operate the keys gently and almost inaudibly, while others hack so quickly and aggressively that the typing almost sounds like a volley of machine guns.

The website shows how keyboard typing can be transformed into music: After opening this website, first click with the mouse pointer in the colored area that covers a large part of the screen. Then type a text of your choice – every keystroke is recorded in real time. That doesn’t sound really nice at first, but if you take a break from writing, the notes you play are rhythmized or phrased using an algorithm in such a way that what you type sounds nicer in the next run.

If you wish, you can now add variations to your “theme”. To do this, click the third button from the left; There are six buttons above the virtual keyboard. By repeatedly clicking this button you can call up different rhythmic and tonal sound scenarios. If you like what you hear, you can then download your oeuvre or share it on social media. Interesting background material on this project can be found at, including statistical studies of the most frequently typed keys.

Now our riddle: Which letter is the most common final letter of words in the German language? Please send your proposed solution to [email protected]

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The deadline for entries is September 15, 2021, 9 p.m. In the week before last, “blood snow” would have been the right solution, the winner was notified in writing.


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