the three women who accuse the rapper speak


In overwhelming stories relayed by the newspaper The world this Saturday, September 12, they return to the abuse they accuse the singer. An investigation was also opened for “violence”, “sexual assault” and “kidnapping”.

After the announcement, revealed by Le Point, the opening of an investigation against Mohamed Bellahmed, alias Moha La Squale, for “violence”, “sexual assault” and “kidnapping” Monday, September 7, the three young women in their twenties who accuse the Parisian rapper delivered, in a newspaper The world published this Saturday, September 12, the overwhelming account of the violence they say they have suffered.

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Jealous and possessive behavior

After filing a complaint and giving their testimonies to the police, Luna, Ana and Andrea (the article states that the names have been changed), confided in the newspaper the world. Three intertwining accounts through which the same mechanisms of the exercise of violence seem to be brought to light. The first testimony is that of Luna, who explains having known the rapper in 2016, when he has just joined the Cours Florent: “At first he was very nice, very helpful. He told me that he had had little trouble with the law because he had sold a little bit of drugs, nothing serious ”, she recalls. After he moved in with her, the article reveals that the musician, who had become jealous and possessive, allegedly began to utter insults first, before becoming physically violent: “He was pulling me by the hair so hard that the skin of the skull peeled off, I had bruises all over my head”. And threats of death and rape are raining down: “He told me: ‘If you leave me and talk, I’ll have you shot in the knee (…) I’m going to call some guys from the neighborhood to take you to a basement to rape you.’

Two years later, in 2018, Moha La Squale is in a relationship with Luna, but meets Ana. There again, he would have been attentive with her as soon as they met: “I was his princess”, she sums up. The world then recounts that the rapper allegedly asked Ana to keep their relationship a secret: “Ana finds herself waiting for her rapper for whole days in these apartments, and he tells her to get out as little as possible.”, Write the journalists. Ana explains that she is not subjected to physical violence, but evokes the psychological pressure exerted through constant insults: “He kept telling me that I was a broken arm, that I was zero”.

“I will kill you, I have already fallen for acts of barbarism”

In both cases, Luna and Ana talk about the change of attitude of the Parisian after his attacks of violence, against a background of psychological influence. Luna: “Each time he would come with an ice pack, a small washcloth to wash my face and pretend he was taking care of me. He told me that I was the only one he had done that to, and that he would never do it again, that I was driving him crazy ”.

The third story is that of Andrea, who explains having met Mohamed Bellahmed at the end of August 2019. She tells, like the other two young women, his crises when he is in need of cannabis as well as these little attentions. when he wanted to be forgiven for his behavior. The paper of World looks back on July 9, when Andrea said she wanted to “distance himself”. After asking her to see her, he got angry and refused to leave the young woman’s home. She says in her complaint: “He put a pillow on my head, he was pressing very hard on my head and I couldn’t breathe. And there he said to me: “I am going to kill you, I have already fallen for acts of barbarism, I will return to the closet, I will kill you, I will have you killed, even your family I will have them killed (…) . I’ll kill you with a pillow, it doesn’t make a mark ”.

Neither Moha La Squale nor his entourage have yet reacted to these accusations.

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