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“It’s expired! Throw it away!” Just opened the food packaging, but found that the shelf life was “far away” yesterday? How exactly is the shelf life of food set? Is it true that the food cannot be eaten after the deadline? On November 4, 2016, “PanSci TALK: Preservation is not only about preservatives!? Food preservation technology decryption!” Invited to Professor Su Nanwei from the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University, to listen to him reveal the “hidden rules” of the food preservation industry!

Is the shelf life, expiration date, and taste expiration date unclear?

I don’t know if you have noticed that the bento always says: “Don’t eat every other meal”, so is every other meal the expiration date of the bento? Sunanwei said that the food provided by the catering industry generally does not have a so-called expiration date, only food that has been preserved and packaged. According to Article 22 of the “Food Safety and Hygiene Management Law” of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, food containers or outer packagings need to indicate the expiration date. Therefore, food manufacturers must follow the “Guidelines for the Evaluation of Effective Dates of Commercially Packaged Foods” to assess and determine the validity Time limit of responsibility.

Have you paid attention to the reminder on the lunch box? Figure / By Janine, CC BY 2.0, wikimedia commons

“What is the difference between the taste period and the expiration date?” Generally speaking, the competent authority will only determine the manufacturing date and the expiration date. Unless otherwise specified, the taste period will be regarded as the expiration date. “Then the preservation date is equal to the expiration date?” The difference between the two is that the expiration date is a time interval, while the expiration date is a point in time, so the index meaning of the expiration date is clearer.

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Who has the final say on the expiration date?

To determine the expiration date, the first thing is to find out the deterioration factor, and the second thing is to list quality evaluation indicators for food deterioration. According to the relationship between food composition, manufacturing process, environmental factors (such as temperature, humidity, light, etc.) and time changes, the food degradation curve can be determined, and objective and numerical indicators are used to set the curve. Typical indicators are divided into:

1. Microbiological analysis(Microbiological analysis): total number of bacteria, growth of E. coli and other microorganisms

2. Sensory evaluation(Sensory evaluation): smell, color, etc.

3. Physical and chemical analysis(Physical and chemical analysis): Food deterioration factors such as pH and water activity

4. Component analysis(Component analysis): Look at the residuals of active ingredients, also known as stability indicators

With the data, how to draw up a “combat plan”?

Generally, there are two methods. One is that after the food is manufactured, it is stored in a condition-controlled storage environment until the food deteriorates and an overall assessment can be obtained; and for foods with a long expiration date (such as canned foods, prepared foods) And frozen food, etc.), usingAccelerated test(Accelerated shelf life studies, also known as abuse test) to decide, usually increase the preset storage temperature to accelerate product deterioration, and reverse the validity period under the normal preset storage conditions. (After obtaining the degradation rate constants of the food index components at different temperatures, and then according to the Arrhenius equation, the degradation rate of the food index components at the general storage temperature can be deduced, and then the food expiry date can be estimated.)

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Formulate a flow chart for the expiry date of packaged food.

Can I still eat the food after expiration?

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Having said that, is it true that the food cannot be eaten after the expiration date? Sunanwei said that expired food does not mean that it is unsafe. “Food does not go bad immediately after that point in time. The whole process is very slow.” And the manufacturer must assume the safety before the expiration of the shelf life. Responsibility, “the matter of setting an expiration date is a double-edged sword.” If the shelf life is set too short, the food may be taken off the shelf before it really deteriorates, causing waste; if it is set too long, it may be bought by consumers Food that has deteriorated. Parmi Australie, celui-ci est selon cours en même temps que analogue chez cette Therapeutic Goods Gérance. La examen sur la capacité du Viagra acheter Viagra en ligne Viagra en ligne à traiter les attachement du cœur a été initiée dans ces scientifiques allemands Friedrich Grimminger puis Werner Seeger.

“Do all foods need an expiration date?” At the end of the lecture, Sunanwei raised this question.

He said that some foods will not go bad, and the expiration date has restricted their use. One of the solutions is the popular “food bank” abroad. It provides immediate products or daily food that has exceeded the shelf life, and provides food to people in real need under the protection of a disclaimer.

When asked, “Is it suitable for Taiwan to implement a food bank?” Sunanwei said with a smile. The idea of ​​a food bank may be good, but it must be built on the consensus of society and education. Otherwise, it will only cause unnecessary panic and panic among the people. Confusion of regulations. Regardless of the system, not wasting food is absolutely the first thing that can be done.

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