The story of Rubinho, the paralyzed dog abandoned on the street next to his wheelchair

The scene that met Silmara García, vice president of the animal rights NGO Cia de São Francisco, from a town near São Paulo (Brazil), was more shameful than usual.

Not “just” an “any” dog had been abandoned on the street, but a paralyzed dog. As his former owner knew very well, who in fact left a dog wheelchair next to the four-legged friend.

Palombinho, the blind and pawless cat adopted by the police

by Niccolò Locatelli

The dog was found wet and dirty with excrement; he was immediately taken to a vet who confirmed the existence of walking problems for some years and carried out further tests to discover any hidden diseases. The animal, despite the mistreatment it was subjected to, appears to be in good health.

It was named Rubinho in homage to the nickname of famous Brazilian former Formula 1 (and Ferrari) driver Rubens Barrichello.

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by Naomi Penna

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La Zampa editorial team

“Old dogs, female dogs in heat or puppies are usually abandoned, but we have never found an abandoned paralyzed dog”; said the president of the NGO Gabriel Paixão. “The fact that it was abandoned next to the wheelchair shows that the dog was under the attention of a veterinarian and a family. Gestures like this make us feel helpless”.

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Rubinho is recovering and will soon be ready to be adopted. Meanwhile, he enjoys the care and love of the NGO staff who rescued him, saving his life.

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