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A heartbreaking story was the one unveiled in 2007, after a family was severely affected by a traffic accident that would end the lives of three little ones forever, and that it would deeply touch the hearts of the community of Ladera Ranch in California, U.S.

In May of that year Lori Coble, a young woman of then 30 years, he was traveling by car with his mother and three children when they were violently hit by a freight truck on a highway, what caused the death of the children in the place.

After the horrible fact, the marriage lived a painful duel that led them to lose all hope, and even to consider the idea of ​​taking his own life.

Nevertheless, almost a year after the fatal accident Lori and her husband had a new chance, after miraculously giving birth triplets who came to change their lives completely, and make it clear that second chances do exist.

Chris y Lori Coble | The Oprah Winfrey Show

The fatal accident

One day after the 5th birthday of Kyle, the couple’s eldest son composed of Lori and her husband, Chris Coble, the mother decided to celebrate the date by going as a family to a shopping center that had a Ferris wheel, the favorite attraction of her firstborn.

She loaded her minivan with some snacks and took her three little ones up: Kyle, Emma – four years old – and Katie – two years old –besides his mother Cindy, who joined the exit.

After an afternoon of games, the children’s bedtime approached, so Lori decided to make the return trip. Nevertheless, ran into heavy traffic congestion on the freeway leading her home.

Emma, ​​Katie y Kyle | Lori Coble and Instagram

As she stood waiting for the line of cars to advance, she turned and looked at Katie as she began to fall asleep … took advantage of tickling her feet sweetly, without imagining that it would be the last time she could do it.

At that moment, a truck loaded with 180 kilos of electronic gadgets crashed into the minivan at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour, smashing the rear of the vehicle.

Lori and her mother were left unconscious, while the children were seriously injured. The scale of the accident was such that the mother and grandmother were sent to one hospital, Kyle and Katie were referred to another, and a third facility received Emma.

Image of the accident | Oprah Winfrey Show
Image of the accident | Oprah Winfrey Show

The death of the little ones

Chris was working when authorities notified him of the accident. Quickly, he was transferred to the hospital where his wife and mother-in-law were referred. When he arrived, he was taken to a small emergency room.

“The doctor told me, ‘I’m sorry but Katie has passed away’. A few minutes passed and they told me they had received a call from a doctor at Saddleback Hospital. I answered the phone and the first thing I said was, ‘Please tell me that Emma is alive. And he replied: ‘I’m sorry, but Emma has passed away’… I just dropped the phone. I couldn’t believe what was happening, ”said the father in conversation with renowned TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, who interviewed the family in 2010.

The man had the difficult mission of telling his wife that his daughters had passed away. After that, he quickly went to the hospital where Kyle was being treated. Although she was able to see it with her eyes open, which gave her hope, the doctors quickly vanished them. They explained that his brain had not received oxygen for a long period, so they recommended to take him off life support. Lory and Chris were able to say goodbye to their son together.

“How could she, my lady got out of her wheelchair and hugged Kyle and said, ‘He must be with his sisters now. His sisters are waiting for him. ‘ We stopped life support, the machines went black and so did the room. I put my hand on his chest until his heart stopped beating. And there he left “added the father.

Kyle Coble | Lori Coble en Instagram

The mourning after death

Both parents said that tragedy struck them and it became real when they had to plan the funeral of their children. “The day before the funeral, we made a previous visit to the place – where they would watch their children. We got to see them one last time, ”Lori said. “They opened the doors, and at the back of the room were three small coffins in a semicircle”added.

Despite the deep sorrow, in the middle of the funeral the couple found the strength to talk about the lives of their children. “It was important to me and Lori,” Chris said. “One of the fundamental theories of grief is facing the toughest things. In this situation, you can’t just sit back and let it consume you. You must look guilt in the face and walk through the midst of pain “he added.

While they were mourning the departure of their three children, and despite the fact that it crossed their minds at some point, the spouses made a pact not to commit suicide and to be there for each other.

Emma Coble | Lori Coble on Instagram

“At some point, all you want to do is be with the kids and end this constant feeling of grief. You can easily consider ending your own life, because you think it would be better in the sense that you could see them again. But at the same time, you leave the other person -your wife- “Chris stated. “We promised not to leave the other abandoned”Lori clarified.

Added to the pain, they explained how difficult it was to return to the home where only days ago they enjoyed as a family of five. “We have many children living on our street, and they are always playing outside. We should have closed our windows. We went to the back of the house so we wouldn’t have to hear their laughter. We left home on Halloween so we wouldn’t have to hear the kids coming and going to our door, ”Lori said.

Katie Coble | Lori Coble and Instagram

The calm after the storm

Three months after the accident that mourned the Cobles, Chris and Lori decided to try to have more children. For medical reasons, they had to opt for in vitro fertilization. On their first try, they started with 10 eggs, of which were successfully fertilized … two girls and one boy.

“At first we thought of putting only two eggs, but once we knew that it was two girls and a boy, we took it as a sign from above”, said Lori.

Almost exactly one year after the tragic accident in which Kyle, Katie and Emma died, On May 1, 2008 the couple gave birth to triplets Ashley, Ellie and Jake.

Los Trillizos | The Oprah Winfrey Show

Although parents consider the birth of their children a miracle, they still mourn the loss of their children. “They will never replace Kyle, Emma and Katie. But joy returned to our home. It is back in our hearts. They once again filled our lives with love, happiness and laughter “said the mother.

The couple commented that the triplets always knew about the existence of their older brothers. And it is that the Coble kept his memory alive through stories and photographs that hung throughout the house.

“They know they have two sisters and a brother in heaven. And we all go to the cemetery together and have picnics “ with them, Lori revealed.

Forgiveness to the cause of the accident

In conversation with Oprah, the couple also revealed that they have no hard feelings against Jorge Romero, the worker who was driving the truck that collided with Lori’s minivan, and who was sentenced to one year in jail.

After the accident, the man, father of three children, had suicidal thoughts and wanted to end his life. However, after meeting him at trial, Lori told him that she had forgiven him. “Mr. Romero is really a very kind person, with a big heart (…) there is someone behind the wheel, and although he shared part of the blame in this tragedy, he felt absolutely horrible”he commented.

Los Coble | The Oprah Winfrey Show

The mother added that it could have been anyone behind the wheel, and that the accident that ended the lives of their children was caused mainly by the location of their car in a congestion of proportions.

“I was stuck in traffic in the middle of a highway, about 250 meters from the exit, stopped in what was practically a ‘parking lot’. There’s a blind curve near that exit, and I was so far back in the space where that curve begins that the driver didn’t see me. When he could see there was a traffic jam, it was too late“.

After telling his story, Chris urged people going through the worst days of their lives not to give up.even when the circumstances seem unbearable. “Affirm yourself to your loved ones, hold on tight, because you are really going to need them”Lori concluded.

The Coble triplets today

These days, the Coble brothers live happily as a family. A few months after their 13th birthday, young people are enjoying life in their native California and keeping the memory of their deceased siblings alive..

This is how Lori hints at her Instagram account, where he daily shares images of his six children and their sports activities, enjoying Halloween and going back to school.

The triplets | Lori Coble on Instagram

Despite this, Lori affirms that the penalty is still alive, although it is carried differently.

“After reading and rereading a lot of the posts, emails, texts and private messages that I receive, I know that I am not alone. Since my first blog, I have certainly smiled more than I thought. But I have also cried, both tears of pain for people who go through the same thing as me, and of joy when knowing that I am not alone “, he pointed out on his website.

“They will always be loved”He said about his deceased children, whom he constantly remembers with images on his social networks.

The Cobles today | Lori Coble on Instagram
The triplets | Lori Coble on Instagram


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