The story of Blue, the dog rescued in line to vote

In order to Blue, a furry puppy with bright blue eyes, the June 6th it did not matter: elections or not, this border collie was hungry, disoriented and afraid of people … until, in front of a Querétaro polling place, met with Luis, a man waiting his turn to vote.

Luis is engaged in sales in a hotel in Queretaro and on Sunday night his story of how he found ‘Blue’ in the polling place row It went viral on Twitter, “I love dogs and all animals, I just went for a run and took the opportunity to vote; my neighbor in line and I saw the puppy and he helped me rescue himShe didn’t stay with him because they weren’t going to leave her and they weren’t going to leave me either! But it was worth it and I took it home ”, told us to Animal MX.

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Blue she accompanied Luis in line, entered the booth with him, and then to a new home!

“Fortunately I was able to get him to come closer with me, I hugged him, calmed him down because he was very nervous and he already stayed with me ”, he told us.

Back at home, the family bathed the puppy and fed him, “he is very skinny, you can’t tell because of so much hair, but I was probably on the street for more than a month“, Said Luis who also said that ‘Blue‘It has some of its fingers broken, the hair was getting knots, the pads of its legs already have calluses and its nails are flush, “this indicates that the dog has been wandering and walking in the street for a long time.”

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What will happen to the dog Blue?

For now, Luis and his family are looking for who could be their original owners, since everything seems to indicate that the puppy had been lost for a long time.

Of not finding them, he said Luis in an interview, they will consider Give it in adoption and there are already two good candidate families to stay permanently with him dog “If my children allow me, because they are already in love.”

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The story of Blue and Luis went viral on Twitter, “I never thought I would have so many retweets, I am not dedicated to rescuing dogs, I just wanted to tell an anecdote with this puppy”, Luis, although before Blue other dogs have been in his house, like Luna, a dog rescued from the street who is protective and very faithful to him, his wife and their young children.

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