The story behind the disappearance of Elisa Lam at the Cecil hotel

It’s 2013, a 21-year-old student decides to spend some Los Angeles vacation. This story should be the beginning of that, the story of a vacation, however, became the beginning of one of the most media unsolved crimes in the world.

It is the story of the disappearance and death of Elisa Lam and that will hit the screens this Wednesday, February 10th through the Netflix docuseries Crime Scene: Disappearance at Hotel Cecil.

This documentary series will tell us, from different points of view, what happened with Elisa Lam the day she disappeared.

He will also tell us a bit about the history of Hotel Cecil and how it has been linked to multiple crimes and suicides.

To date the Lam’s disappearance and death they do not have a clear explanation from the authorities.

We will tell you some details of this story before you see the docuseries on Netflix.

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Who was Elisa Lam?

Elisa Lam was a 21-year-old Canadian student. He was studying at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

One day, Lam decided to take a vacation and chose Los Angeles as his destination. He arrived in that American city on January 27, 2013. He stayed at the Cecil hotel located in downtown Los Angeles, in a notorious neighborhood, to spend 4 days in that city.

However, Lam mysteriously disappeared. January 31 was the last time hotel employees reported seeing the young tourist alive.

Imagen: Wikimedia Commons

Days later, after her family and friends had no contact with her, the Los Angeles police announced the disappearance of a Canadian tourist in that city, however, the case did not attract the attention of the media, until the publication of the last video where Lam is seen alive.

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Yes, the viral video of the elevator …

The elevator video, the last image of Elisa Lam

The Los Angeles Police Department released this video on February 13, 2013. What caught the attention of the audience at the time was the strange way in which Lam acts.

In the nearly four-minute video we can see Elisa looking at the elevator buttons, then she peeks out into the hallway and seems to be hiding from someone. Then he comes out again, then he goes back in and makes strange movements, finally Lam comes out of the elevator, the door closes and immediately reopens, but Lam no longer appears in the chamber. It is the last image you have of her alive.

Lam’s behavior in this video led to a host of theories about her disappearance, associating her with paranormal phenomena and serial killers.

Days later, in mid-February 2013, guests at Hotel Cecil began to complain about the color and taste of the water. So workers went to the hotel’s water tanks to check that everything was fine with the supply, which they found: the lifeless body of a woman.

That woman was Elisa Lam, they found her with her clothes floating close to her body, the clothes matched the one seen in the elevator video.

An unsolved death

Five months after the discovery of the body, the Los Angeles police released the conclusion of the case: in it they determined that lElisa Lam’s death had been accidental, since no signs of violence or intoxication were found on his body.

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Investigations also revealed that Lam had bipolar disorder, which is why one of the most accepted theories about his disappearance and death is that Lam had a crisis and climbed to the roof of the hotel to flee from an alleged threat, opened the tank and launched the water.

This version was not proposed by the police but by a journalist who investigated the case and whose story you can read here.

The bad reputation of the Hotel Cecil

The Cecil Hotel, now called Stay on Main, is a cheap hotel located in downtown Los Angeles, California, in the United States. It was founded in 1927 and has 600 rooms.

This hotel is infamous for a series of criminal cases and suicides linked to it, in addition to the case of Elisa Lam.

Some of the most famous criminal cases linked to Cecil are those of Elizabeth Short, whom the press dubbed “the Black Dahlia.” Short was last seen at the Cecil Hotel before her death, which was also an unsolved case.

The serial killer Richard Ramirez, known as the night stalker, is also said to have stayed several times at the Cecil at the time he committed his crimes.

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