The Spanish Association of Support Dogs offers aid according to legislation for animal welfare

Pet care is an important issue not only for families, but also for societies around the world.

Spain is not an exception, since animal welfare legislation standards have been established that guarantee the protection and care of animals.

Based on this law, various initiatives have emerged that seek to ensure good living conditions for animals. The Spanish Association of Support Dogs offers the support and training necessary to ensure a better coexistence and healthy growth of their animals.

Legal regulations that guarantee animal welfare

Recently, the Council of Ministers of Spain has approved in the second round the Animal Law Law that guarantees their welfare and seeks to put an end to the mistreatment, abandonment and sacrifice of animals.

Among the relevant aspects of the regulations is prevent pet animals from being slaughtered, except for health reasons, previously justified by the criteria of a veterinarian. In addition, the exhibition of pets for commercial purposes is prohibited, as well as their participation in parades, nativity scenes or any other activity in which they may suffer harm, cruelty or death.

Another initiative proposed by the legislation is the animal welfare in force in the country is mandatory training to acquire a pet. According to the text, those who wish to adopt a pet must complete regulated responsible ownership training that educates the owner on how to live properly with the pet and how to guarantee greater well-being.

Pet owners can count on comprehensive advice

The Spanish Association of Support Dogs arises with the purpose of making dogs a support in people’s daily lives, becoming something more than just pets. Its actions are intended to offer caregivers the necessary resources for their animals to develop in an environment of proper socialization, education and obedience.

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Through face-to-face counseling sessions and online AEPA professionals have dog training courses that range from training to receive the pet at home to the necessary resources to properly educate them for their good behavior both at home and in outdoor spaces. On the other hand, they also give talks and develop social projects that protect the welfare of canines.

Those interested in receiving the services of AEPA professionals can contact them through their website, filling out a form with personal data. They can also make inquiries through email or a phone call.

Before deciding to adopt a dog, it is important to follow the established rules to avoid fines and penalties, as well as to maintain a responsible commitment to the animal, providing them with the proper care and attention that guarantees their healthy growth so that they feel loved and protected.

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