The sound of the island: at this concert you can discover how Mallorca sounds

What’s musically fermenting in Mallorca: musicians at a “Ferments” concert in Bordeaux. | PHOTO: MIQUEL BRUNET

Of Sybil song above joyful folk jazz to the improvised ones satirical songs glosses: The one released in 2015 Album “Ferments – The Sensitive Map of an Island” (Ferments, the sensory map of an island) is a search for clues to musical identity of Mallorca.

For the experimental project concluded the producer Miquel Brunet back then 16 Musicians, two dancers and a cook in his studio at Bunyola. Both rare live performances the participants play in different constellations.

An opportunity presents itself now 19th of February im Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza in Palma de Mallorca: The free concert takes place on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Quart Creixent bookshop instead – with a focus on the 2018 deceased Antoni Artigues Bonet, who co-founded the store and was part of the original Ferments cast. /bro

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