The SNCF sets up a single price for train tickets for pets

This is news that will delight pet owners. The SNCF is reviewing its prices and providing a single price of 7 euros per ticket for our animal friends. Information that comes at the right time with the arrival of the summer holidays and will allow a good number of travelers to avoid having to find a solution to keep the dog.

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Until now, ticket prices depended on the size of the pet in question. Those weighing less than six kilos and which can be carried on the knees in a bag or basket already cost 7 euros. But for big dogs, the ticket price was 50 of the full price of a second class ticket. A Paris-Marseille trip could easily reach 100 euros, so dog owners could have to pay very high prices. This policy was decried by many travelers given the fact that the dog has no reserved space and must travel at the foot of its master. Now, no more size discrimination. Whether it’s a chihuahua and a labrador will pay the same price. However, the SNCF specifies that dogs transported without bags or baskets must be kept on a leash and muzzled. Another novelty, the railway company took the opportunity to allow the dematerialization of tickets for pets. The only exception is guide dogs for the blind who can travel without a ticket and free of charge.

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