The SNCF now offers a train ticket at a fixed price for your animals

By Graziella L. Posted Jul 3, 2022 12:36 PM

Owners of dogs, cats, or hamsters, the price of a train ticket for your pet is now 7 euros in TGV Inoui and 10 euros in Ouigo, regardless of its weight!

Take your pet on a trip, it’s sometimes a hassle! And for leave by train with his doggie, difficult to know the price in advance, which changed according to the pet’s weight. The SNCF put an end to these questions by setting up a fixed price for the train ticket of your dog, cat, hamster, or iguana, whatever its weight! You will now have to pay 7 euros by TGV Inoui and Intercitéset 10 euros in Ouigo to travel peacefully.

Until now, the price of the ticket for an animal sometimes exceeded that of its human, a real aberration, even for Jérôme Laffon, marketing director of the SNCF, according to The Parisian. A King Charles will now pay the same price as a German Shepherd, a relief for their owners, who had to pay several tens of euros to enjoy the holidays with them. To buy or collect the ticket for your animal, it will also no longer be mandatory to go to the store, the website and the application will suffice!

As for the travel conditions, they remain the same, with the small animals in a container and the big dogs in muzzle. Your animals will have to travel on your lap or at your feet, for this price, they do not have a reserved seat. According to the marketing director, there is no risk of ending up in a zoo car full of snakes and rabbits, alone 600,000 animals are transported by the SNCF per year, i.e. one animal per train on average.

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