the slaughterhouse of Grammont is preparing to welcome Aïd-el-Kébir

Eid-El-Kebir, the great feast of the Muslim religion begins this Tuesday for three days. In Montpellier, a sheepfold and a slaughterhouse approved by the State welcome to Grammont, families for this very important moment: the ritual sacrifice of the sheep.

Muslims around the world are celebrating from this Tuesday, July 20, Eid al-adha, or Eid el-kebir, one of the most important holidays of their religion. Tradition has it that an animal, a sheep or a goat, is sacrificed.

For the Muslim faithful, the choice of the sheep is an important moment of the ritual of Eid-el-Kébir. After having reserved a lamb on the internet, they come to choose it in the sheepfold installed in Grammont in Montpellier: “To perpetuate the tradition is something that is close to my heart to be able to party with family, with neighbors and I also think of giving to students who need it,“says a devotee.

And to decide, the criteria are rather rigorous and precise: “He must not be blind, not bald and not castrated, explains Rachid Belhaj priest.

Between 800 and 1,000 lambs from this sheepfold located in Grammont will be sacrificed in the slaughterhouse set up next door for the occasion. An approved slaughterhouse respecting the health conditions imposed by the State. Aged 6 to 12 months, all the animals here were raised in the region: “There are only French lambs from Aveyron. They have been specially prepared for the occasion “, explains Mohamed Seddiki, president of the association la bergerie Languedocienne.

The slaughter carried out by authorized priests will last 3 days at the Domaine de Grammont.

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Slaughtering without authorization in France: heavy penalties

The recommendations of the French public authorities aim to support the faithful Muslims in the accomplishment of their ritual, while ensuring respect for the environment, animal welfare and health rules.

Slaughtering outside a slaughterhouse is an offense and is punishable by 6 months imprisonment and a fine of 7,500 to 15,000 euros. The provision of premises, land, equipment allowing slaughter to be carried out outside the slaughterhouse is complicity in a crime and is condemnable as such.

In addition, the transport to the slaughterhouse of the animal intended for sacrifice must be done with respect for the animal, the latter must be correctly identified (circulation document and identification loop at the ears) and accompanied. a movement certificate by a professional. The prefecture recalls that the transport of sheep, goats or cattle by individuals is prohibited.

Authorized slaughter sites

Long-term approved slaughterhouses: Perpignan (04 68 54 41 21), Pézenas (04 67 98 12 32), Pamiers (05 34 01 33 25), Castres (05 63 51 44 00), Antrenas (

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