The shocking case of Juanita: a girl beaten and burned by her father, who sold her to another man

12-year-old Juanita denounced her father for the violence she suffered since she was four years old. To escape, the minor says she received help from the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Juanita, a 12 year old Mexican teenager, denounced brutal abuses suffered by his father, whom he accused of having caused serious burns all over his body, beatings and even sold her.

Native of Apalani, in the state of Guerrero, Mexico, Juanita He recounted the harassment suffered for much of his life inside his home because of his father.

He hit my mom ugly and then he hit me ugly. I was hanging myself … My dad sold me. He told me not to say anything and not to report it, “he told Telemundo.

Along these lines, the young woman confirmed that suffered severe burns over most of his body when he was only four years old, which caused him to lose important of his limbs.

This story has caused me a lot of pain, indignation and sadness, we live in an increasingly terrifying world, Juanita after fulfilling her dream of knowing the sea on Sunday May 16 in Acapulco, she was brutally beaten by her father who hung her from a tree with a rope around her neck, “said Dr. Jesús Galeana, president of the Latidos de Amor Foundation, which is helping the minor.

Similarly, he maintained that the girl’s father “He sold it to a guy from his community in Apalani, Guerrero, where he sedated her and when trying to abuse her, the girl escaped, she could be one of the many cases of abused and missing children “.

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According to the girl, when she escaped she had to walk for almost six hours and when she could no longer because of fatigue, she maintained that “the Virgin helped me” and was able to reach a nearby community to ask for help.


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