The second wave of the epidemic has arrived, Prymula said. According to him, the Central Crisis Staff is not needed Home


Prague There is a second wave of coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic. This was stated on Sunday by the government commissioner for science and research in healthcare Roman Prymula on the Czech television program Otázky Václava Moravec.

According to him, the same number of hospitalizations can be in hospitals in 14 days to three weeks as in the spring. Should the infection spread as explosively as before, hospitals could reach the capacity limits of reserved beds for patients with covid-19. If no measures were taken, Czech hospitals could be at the limit capacity at the end of October, he said.

According to Prymula, the announcement of the second wave is a formal matter, but the current situation can already be considered. We are now seeing a higher increase in confirmed cases than in the first wave, and there was a lag between current growths and those in the spring, Prymula said.

He added that at present it is necessary to “flatten” the infection curve. If this fails in about three weeks, the covid wards could reopen in hospitals, Prymula said.

Measures that would dramatically change the curve to make the number of infections drop immediately, according to Prymula, are not. However, it is clear that short-range air transmission dominates. He described Prymul as the singing of people side by side. Therefore, people should avoid celebrations for at least a month in order to reduce the growing curve of those infected.

Evolutionary biologist and parasitologist Jaroslav Flegr is also worried about the increase in those infected. He said on CNN Prima News on Sunday that in a week, up to 4,000 people in the Czech Republic will be tested positively every day, and in two weeks, even 10,000 people will be infected daily. “No more epidemic measures will be taken, so it will simply be,” Flegr said in the debate. Mortality is expected to be around one percent. According to him, there are now different strains of the virus among the people than a month ago.

However, epidemiologist Jiří Beran does not agree with Flegr. He likens mortality to a common respiratory disease. “I’m not afraid. Mortality is declining. At the moment, it is around 0.2 tenths of a percent, “said Beran in Partia.

The number of new cases of covid-19 in the Czech Republic is growing almost the fastest in the European Union. On Saturday, a record 1541 more people were infected in the Czech Republic, which is almost 100 more than on Friday. On days off, laboratories tend to test less.

The Ministry of Health will publish Saturday’s number of tests on Sunday evening. There are now more than 13,700 infected in the country, mostly with a mild course of the disease. 297 people were hospitalized with covid-19 on Saturday, 69 of them in severe condition.

According to Prymula, the Central Crisis Staff is not needed

The situation with the infection in the Czech Republic should currently be addressed by the healthcare segment, if it works, there is no need for the Central Crisis Staff, says the government’s commissioner for health research Roman Prymula. He also said in the Czech television program Otázky Václava Moravec that due to the growing number of confirmed cases of the disease, the related processes need to be significantly intensified and the system strengthened. Hygienists cannot handle the situation without other people, it is necessary to strengthen the sampling points, he said.

However, the Social Democrats want to strive for the resumption of the activities of the Central Crisis Staff during Monday’s government meeting. This was said today by the Minister of Culture Lubomír Zaorálek (ČSSD) in the program Partie televize Prima. The staff operated in the country in the spring, headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček (CSSD). On Wednesday, he said it was time to reactivate it. According to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES), however, this is not justified, because there is a government council for health risks. Its members are Hamáček, Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch and Defense Lubomír Metnar (both for YES). According to the Prime Minister, there is no need for another body to deal with the epidemic.

According to Prymula, there are not so many logistical problems now. The dominant core of the problems is of epidemiological, hygienic and clinical origins. According to him, the Ministry of Health should therefore be enough to solve the issues.


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