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The day before yesterday, we brought you the good news of Fudan Scholarships from 5 schools, which are:Fufu, Qibaoas well asAttached to the three brothers.

In addition, we scanned the official websites of Shanghai high schools in the city and found that 7 more schools have shared the honors sent by Fudan University with you recently.

The seven schools are:Jianping, Xianzhong, Wusong, Jinyuan, Nanhui, Yucaias well asGanquan Gaidai.

Before the article starts, let’s do some science popularization for everyone. I believe that many people are interested in the various scholarships of Fudan contentI don’t know much about it yet, so we have sorted out a table for your comparison:

As can be seen from the table, Fudan University scholarships are divided into four categories:National funding, local government funding, social funding, school funding.

It is self-evident that the one with the highest gold content isNational Scholarshipselected by the Ministry of Education, the students who win the national award must be the fighting babies among the cow babies!

Followed byShanghai Scholarshipselected by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the funding amount is the same as the national scholarship, and the gold content is also very high.

The more places areExcellent Student Scholarshipbelongs to the school subsidy, the number of people is 40% of the number of candidates in the year, the highest award amount is 3000 first prize, and the lowest third prize is 1000.

So after understanding the value of the scholarship, let’s take a look at the scholarship news of each high school.

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Fufu is still leading the way, ranking first in the city. Let’s switch to a pie chart to see the proportion of each school:

It can be seen from the figure:

Fu Fu + Seven Treasuresoccupy more than half,more than 50%

Fufu + Qibao + Jianping + Handoverthe four schools occupy85%

Shanghai has about 258 high schools and 70 municipal key schools. And the key proportions of several top cities on the table are astonishingly large.

So the schools that can occupy a place on this pie chart are quite strong, and the suburban dark horse among them-Fengxian Middle SchoolIt is even more remarkable. Last year, Xianzhong won 18 scholarships, and this year it directly surpassed the four branch schools and won 25 scholarships.

Jianping Middle School won a total of 12 scholarships this year, among which the most valuableNational Award, Jianping won 2 pieces.second in gold contentShanghai Scholarship, Jianping won one. Performed quite well.

Fengxian Middle School is a dark horse

Xianzhong, a dark horse school in the suburbs, has continued its glory this year. All the students of Xianzhong competed and won 25 scholarships for their alma mater, which is more than last year7 sheets

Xianzhong won a total of 5 awards, among which the third prize for outstanding students was the most.

Look at Wu Song again:

Wu Song

Wusong Middle School has won 11 Fudan awards this year, which is a good performance in terms of quantity, only 3 less than the Fudan points.

Wusong students received 3 scholarships, and the third prize for outstanding students was the most numerous.

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Jin Yuan Advanced

In recent years, Jinyuan Senior has not only achieved outstanding results in the college entrance examination year by year, but is also unambiguous in winning awards.

Oasis Gaidai

Ganwai is a popular characteristic high school in Shanghai in recent years. The school is good at Japanese. Most of the students take the international route, and some of the students who take the college entrance examination have excellent results in the comprehensive evaluation of 11 schools every year.

Although there are only 2 scholarships in the good news sent by Fudan University, they are of high gold content, and one of them won the very high gold content scholarship.Shanghai Scholarship!

Yucai Middle School

Yucai Middle School has received 7 Fudan Scholarships this year, one of which is the most valuableNational Scholarship!

Nanhui Middle School

Nanhui Middle School received 5 scholarships from Fudan University this year!

The above are all the good news of Fudan Scholarship that we have counted recently.

write at the end

According to the past practice, after Fudan releases the good news, Jiaotong University and Tongji University will follow closely behind. We look forward to more schools sharing the joy of this harvest with us.

According to the current distribution of Fudan scholarships, top high schools in Shanghai have won more than 85% of Fudan scholarships. It can be seen that outstanding students are always excellent. They have very good study habits and the concept of lifelong learning.Pushing them to keep working hard no matter where they are!

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There is no end to learning, and we are moving forward. We look forward to more students who can win glory for their alma mater in colleges and universities, and we also look forward to more schools in the future to give us the good news of the resumption of diplomatic relations.

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