the Sanofi laboratory indicted for “manslaughter”


The pharmaceutical group Sanofi, already prosecuted for “aggravated deception” and “unintentional injuries” in the investigation into the marketing of the anti-epileptic Depakine, was also indicted for “manslaughter”, he said

The investigation was opened in 2016 with the Paris judicial court, following a procedure initiated by the Association for the assistance of parents of children suffering from anti-convulsant syndrome (Apesac), representing 4,000 people, half of whom were sick children, and which was based on 14 cases of mothers who received Dépakine during their pregnancy.

The molecule in question, sodium valproate, has been marketed since 1967 under the brand Dépakine by Sanofi, but also under generic brands, and is prescribed to people suffering from bipolar disorders.

However, it presents a high risk of birth defects in the fetus if it is taken by a pregnant woman.

In February 2020, the judges in charge of the investigation into the marketing of Dépakine had indicted the French pharmaceutical group for “aggravated deception” and “involuntary injuries”.

On Monday, the group told AFP that it had also been indicted “recently for manslaughter”, confirming information from the daily Le Monde which mentions the date of July 20.

The group, in a communication sent to AFP, claims to have “complied with its information obligations and disputes the merits of these prosecutions”.

“The laboratory seized the chamber of the investigation in order to contest its indictment. All of these elements in no way prejudge the responsibility of the laboratory”, he emphasizes.

Last July, justice had for the first time recognized the responsibility of the State, as well as that of Sanofi and doctors, in the devastating effects of the anti-epileptic Dépakine, condemning it to compensate families of children heavily. disabled.

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