The Sabandeños ‘conquer’ Teruel

The International Festival of Folklore of Alcalá de la Selva Festifalk has started its XXX anniversary this weekend with the performance of Los Sabandeños in an edition that will last until August 20. The Canarian, Latin American folk music and boleros They make up a repertoire that has brought together hundreds of people in the concerts they have offered in the Plaza Mayor de Albarracín and in the parish church of Monreal del Campo. The island group closes its participation in Fesfialk this Sunday, at 8:00 p.m., in Alcalá de la Selva. The rain has forced this Saturday to change the location of the concert in Monreal.

The director of Festifalk, Jesús Sánchez, expressed his satisfaction for “The great reception that this Canarian group has had that has managed to excite the public that has participated in each of the three concerts”. Los Sabandeños, with a 57-year history and the international recognition that endorses them, performed well-known songs for an audience that applauded, cheered and forced them to prolong their performance. For Jesús Sánchez, getting this group from the Canary Islands to participate in the Alcalá de la Selva International Folklore Festival “has been a dream come true”. For this he was “profoundly grateful to this group that has exceeded all expectations.” In this sense he added that “his collaboration has been total and at no time has he made it difficult for the organization in difficult times, such as in Monreal del Campo, where the rain forced us to change the concert to the parish church.”

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The participation of Los Sabandeños in Festifalk concludes this Sunday in Alcalá de la Selva, the organizing town of this event that has become a must in the August cultural calendar in the province of Teruel.

Carmen Paris arrives

Festifalk 2022 will continue this coming week with the performance of the Aragonese singer Carmen Paris in Alcalá de la Selva and Santa Eulalia del Campo on August 12 and 13, respectively. In these two locations, she will offer her concert “In synthesis” in which she performs the most significant songs from his 4 albums. Both concerts will take place at 10:30 p.m.

From there, from August 15 to 20, Festifalk will begin the tour of the international groups Ballet Folklorico Amazonia of Brazil and the Dance Company “Fusion Folklorica” ​​of Mexico in the towns of Albarracín, Alcalá de la Selva, Calamocha, Mora de Rubielos, Monreal del Campo, Orihuela del Tremedal, Santa Eulalia del Campo, Teruel and Utrillas.

Los Sabandeños, in the parish church of Monreal del Campo.

The International Folklore Festival of Alcalá de la Selva has shown, in its 30 years of history, the musical and cultural tradition of 52 countries, from 4 continents, in addition to the folklore of all the Spanish autonomous communities. More than 100 groups have shown the public of 19 municipalities spread over 6 Teruel counties, not only music and dance, but also the social traditions that in many cases they represent.

This baggage has been possible thanks to the effort and support of the City Council of Alcalá de la Selva, which was the promoter and guarantor of this festival, to which the municipalities that are part of the Festifalk Organizing Committee have joined. The involvement of all of them and of the Teruel Provincial Council has allowed thousands of people to enjoy this meeting of cultures in performances, all of them free of charge, which have enriched Teruel’s summer programme.

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