the rocket fails to get into orbit, but the company is “satisfied with the result”


The start-up’s launch this weekend ended in failure. Takeoff began normally, but a problem arose during the combustion phase of the first stage, causing the rocket to terminate prematurely.

The company is nevertheless satisfied to have been able to launch his first rocket:

« As we have always said, we expect it to take three tries to get into orbit. Tonight we saw a great launch! Preliminary examination of the data indicates that the rocket performed very well.

At the start of the flight, our guidance system appears to have introduced a slight oscillation into the flight, causing the vehicle to drift from its nominal path, causing the engines to stop by the safety system.

We didn’t meet all of our goals, but we gained valuable experience, as well as even more valuable flight data. This launch puts us on track to reach orbit within two missions, so we’re happy with the outcome.. »


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