the right to drinking water does not exist in Pinar del Río

As a signatory State of the aforementioned Pact, the regime of Cuba It has the obligation to respect and guarantee these rights to the entire population, as well as to adopt measures for their realization. However, not only does it not respect them, but it also blocks them.

Entronque de Herradura is one of the thirteen councils of the Consolación del Sur municipality, belonging to the province of Pinar del Río, Cuba. It was founded in 1907 and currently has a population of approximately 12,000 inhabitants. There lives Eduardo Díaz Fleitas, a peasant, and also a former prisoner of conscience of the group of 75 opponents imprisoned in 2003 in Cuba.

According to Díaz Fleitas, the water supply for the town of Cuba is in charge of the El Hatillo aqueduct. To drive the fluid to the houses it is necessary to drive a motor. This should be done regularly, daily, on a set schedule, long enough for everyone to have time to stock up, complete the household chores that consume the most, and fill their tanks and other reservoirs (something essential in Cuba, where water drinking is rationed).

However, this is not true. The engine does not start with the required duration or regularity, but at any time and for a short time. In this way the service is not distributed correctly. To this is added that along the route of the network there are so many breaks and leaks that the water cannot reach the tanks of many homes. Fleitas himself has one of those leaks in front of his house. According to him, it is of such magnitude that some stones and rustic signs had to be placed on it, because the water column reached a great height and also to prevent vehicles from falling into the hole by accident. The opponent emphasizes that he has gone to several instances (the delegate, surnamed Castro, the person in charge of the aqueduct, etc.), but so far no official seems to have done anything to reverse this situation.

But that is not the worst. Fleitas adds that an immense number of residents of the Cuban town do not even have a connection (the necessary connection between their houses and the state line), but the Cuban regime (responsible for guaranteeing that right, or at least not interfering in its achievement ) not only does not install them, but also prohibits them from doing it on their own. “Here there is no choice but to pay 100 pesos (those who can) to fill each tank, ‘on the left,'” he concludes.

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Unfortunately, these conditions are not exclusive to Entronque de Herradura. Prolonged water shortages are a problem that affects practically the entire country, with the possible exception of a few highly localized residential areas. In Lawton itself, this week we were without water for five days due to a break that allegedly occurred during a scheduled repair, and which also affected several capital municipalities such as Cotorro, San Miguel del Padrón, Regla and Guanabacoa. On other occasions, several weeks go by without the supply being restored, or perhaps even years in the most critical cases. In other regions of the country, the water supply is not even scheduled on alternate days, but twice a week, and even every fifteen days or more.

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