The RFEF will analyze with the Territorial the start of non-professional competitions


Updated:09/08/2020 12: 21h


The Real spanish soccer federation (RFEF) will hold a meeting this Monday with the Territorial Federations pTo study “how and when” competitions can be started National officials of a professional nature for the next seasons, due to the change of scenery that is taking place with the coronavirus.

The entity issued a statement last Friday in which, “in common agreement with the Spanish sports federations of team sports convened by the Spanish Olympic Committee and under the latest decisions of International Federations such as UEFA and FIFA”, showed his doubts about next season’s competitions.

«The RFEF understands that, given the evolution of the pandemic situation in recent weeks and especially in recent days in the country as a whole, a joint reflection on the origin of starting the new sports season is essential with sufficient sanitary and legal guarantees for all athletes, clubs and federations, given that at this time the conditions have changed in relation to what was foreseen in the previous weeks, “he said.

Therefore, the body chaired by Luis Rubiales called a meeting for this Monday with the presidents of the Territorial Federations “Where the situation will be reported and the pertinent decisions will be taken as to how and when the official competitions at the state level may start”.

«The RFEF will act by mutual agreement and in the same vein as all the Spanish team sports federations and under the protection and guidelines that the competent authorities send us in order to guarantee the health of all athletes who participate in official competitions at the state level with a homogeneous model that is legally valid for all equally, ”the federation assured.

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