The reunion between this dog lost for 2 months and his family really warms the heart

Losing a beloved pet is always a difficult time for family members, especially younger ones. In Argentina, a household was able to find its pet after 2 months without news, and the girls in the house burst into tears.

Credit: The Paticorti Brothers/Instagram

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In the end, no one really knows how this dog named Oscar was able to survive for so long on his own in the wild after disappearing from his home, but the main thing is that he is in good health.

And when we see the reaction of the two young girls of the family when they discover that their furry friend is back in his warm home, we can easily imagine the trauma that his absence was and the grief that it could create.

Fortunately, the hearts of the members of this Argentinian family will not be broken forever because Oscar was finally able to find his way home, where he was particularly expected after long weeks without hearing from him. This reunion was made possible thanks to the work of the association Los Hermanos Paticorti, whose objective is to return lost animals to their families.

Credit: The Paticorti Brothers/Instagram

A rescued dog and a touching reunion

Oscar’s return to those who love him was a particularly emotional moment. The scene, which could have been filmed by a member of the association, testifies to an immense relief and one can easily understand it.

Shared on the organization’s Instagram account, the video was accompanied by the following caption: “the best ending for Oscar who was lost for 2 months! (…) They kept looking for him, we were contacted and it was him. (…) We delivered it today and the emotion is so great. »

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