the restyled version on the way


Appeared in 2017, the Tesla Model 3 is approaching the traditional mid-career touch-up. Among other things, the sedan could have new interior elements and a heat pump.

Although the life cycle of the Tesla Model 3 has not been very clearly specified by the brand, the electric sedan could soon go through the restyling box. If the stage seems premature to us, certain indiscretions relayed on the Web affirm the contrary and evoke a new interior for the sedan.

This is an observer in China which started speculation after seeing a Tesla Model 3 with new equipment. The copy in question would thus have a new steering wheel, a central console 2.0 and double glazing. It would also ship new optics, a Chrome Delete pack and a motorized trunk.

The heat pump would be offered as an option

Less visible, the Tesla Model 3 would also adopt a heat pump known as the Octovalve, which would save the battery in winter to heat the passenger compartment. This rumor makes sense given the recent updates to the front trunk, which narrows and adopts the same shape as that of the Tesla Model Y.

The mechanical offer and the different configurations offered in the catalog should not change. Tesla has not yet commented on these possible developments. However, the Chinese source indicates that the first copies have already come off the chains.

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