The rematch finals and rowing from Donostia and Zierbena this weekend


Rowing, skiing will be popular sports and pelota this weekend on ETB1 and The finals of the 50th anniversary tournament of the Galarreta pelota court in Hernani will open the sports offer on Saturday at 15:15. Etxarri-Barrenetxea IV vs Goikoetxea V-Endika and Ansa II-Larrañaga vs Urriza-Zubiri will be offered.

We will have two days of the Euskotren and Eusko Label leagues: on Saturday, from 17:30, the Donostiarra Kaiarriba Bandera will be played, and on Sunday, from 11:30, the Petronor Bandera, in Zierbena.

As for pelota, there will be two festivals: on Saturday at 22:15 from Los Arcos and on Sunday at 17:00 from Cenicero. On Saturday, Arretxe II-Eskiroz vs Egiguren V-Tolosa and CaixaBank Masters Laso-Irribarria vs Olaizola II-Zabaleta will be played. On Sunday, Bakaikoa-Salaverri II vs Zabala-Ruiz and CaixaBank Masters Jaka-Albisu vs Altuna III-Imaz.

Finally, on Sunday, at 16:00, there will be a popular sports day in Leza, Rioja Alavesa: Eneko Otaño vs JM Mugika (Golden Individual Ax Championship), Goikoetxe vs Urruzuno (Three Decades Stone-picking Championship) and Virginia Finol (Women’s Stone Championship). receiving Tournament).


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