The relationship between people that makes King & Prince Kaito Takahashi feel warm “Look over the audience at the concert.

King & Prince A warm time with us and you.

All the members are “not good at cold”. Apparently, King & Prince isn’t very good at winter. However, when the five of us get together, time begins to flow so warmly that you won’t feel the cold. About what warms them up and makes them happy, the warm thoughts they want to convey to everyone, the warm kindness.

King & Prince profile

A national idol group. In addition to group activities, each is active in various fields such as dramas, stage performances, movies, and variety shows. The crown program “King & Prince Ru.” ](Nippon TV, Saturday 13:30-) is also being broadcast

Kaito Takahashi

In order to build a warm relationship and to approach happiness, what is necessary is to “look around”

When I see grandpa and grandma walking hand in hand in the city, I feel warm.My grandparents are also good friends, and every night we have a drink together.Whenever I see the smile of my grandmother sitting next to me happily waiting for my grandfather’s returni think it’s niceThat’s right. No matter how old they are, they still maintain their relationship.

I like delicious hotpot, and I also like the duvet I just bought.There are many things that warm me in the winter, but the most“Relationship between people”am.What I keep in mind to build warm relationships with the people I care about“Look around properly”. for example,If someone seems to be having a hard time or having a hard time, I casually talk to them.just by exchanging wordsMakes you feel like you’re not aloneBecause I think. But in order to do that, it is necessary to first notice the person’s state, and that can only be done by looking around.

At a coffee shop, the clerk may write a message on the cup. If you overlook it, it will be just coffee, but if you can notice it, you will feel a little happy. The donuts prepared by the staff along with the coffee at the filming site of the drama. That’s why I’m sure he chose it while thinking about what would go well with coffee.thereTwice as delicious when you eat with gratitudeI feelA person’s level of happiness changes greatly depending on whether they notice small things or not.. Looking around is important to pick up happiness.So ILooking over the audience at a concertI’m trying To be able to understand the feelings of everyone there, and to be able to spend this time happily together. I want to stand on the stage while watching the smiles, crying faces, and messages from the fans.

Profile of Kaito Takahashi

Born April 3, 1999, from Kanagawa Prefecture. She has a reputation for her high drawing skills, and she has experience serializing in manga magazines.He is also attracting attention as an actor, such as starring in a drama.

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Interview and original text: Miwa Ishii Interview cooperation: Yuko Uemura, Rie Kaito, Haruka Furukawa, Yukiko Yoshikawa *Posted in the February 2023 issue of MORE

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