The “recipe” of the CGIL: “This is how tourism in Maremma is relaunched”

GROSSETO – «Investments in four new high-end hotels are a sign of vitality», he comments Andrea Ferretti, secretary of the Chamber of Territorial Labor of the CGIL, the upcoming openings of luxury hotels in Maremma.

At the end of May, in fact, the new resort “The Sense Experience”, belonging to the Ficcanterri group, which has recovered the former Cariplo colony, will open in Follonica.

On February 17th, the Abruzzese group Bluserena, of Silvio Maresca, presented the building procedure to the Municipality to recover the former Bodoni and Saragat colonies in Marina di Grosseto, in view of the construction of a four-star superior hotel with more than 300 rooms, which could be ready by 2023.

Finally, the Swedish company Qarlbo, owned by Conni Jonsson, recently bought the Don Pedro hotel in Porto Ercole (Monte Argentario), which will reopen in 2022, and still in the Argentinian country owns the former Cirio factory, which will be transformed in a 5 star hotel.

Hence a reflection on how to relaunch tourism in Maremma.

“These are all good news – explains Ferretti – which must be related because on the one hand they testify to the attractiveness of our territory for high-level tourism investments, on the other they constitute an important opportunity to qualify the world of work linked to services. tourist.

This year’s season, by now it is a certainty, will still be conditioned by Covid, and will follow the trend of that of 2020. With a slow start postponed at the beginning of June, and a boom in attendance in the central months of July and August. A situation that, moreover, last year claimed many victims, among the most exposed workers in the sector: more than 1500 fewer Naspi applications, and more than 30,000 bonuses worth 600 euros.

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This does not exempt us from thinking about the structure that our tourist offer as a territory will have in the medium-term future. Taking into account that after the significant growth in tourist presences at the beginning of the 2000s, the province of Grosseto has been stagnant since 2008 (2007-2017 only + 0.9%, while Livorno + 12.5% ​​- Irpet), stopped at just under 6 million presences and 1.5 million arrivals per year.

For the CGIL few choices are needed, but clear ones with respect to the objectives.

Encourage the establishment of medium-large structures connected to international tour operators, “industrializing” the tourist offer by aiming at types of tourism based on specific and topical issues (congress, green, silver, escape from the city, new wellness, smart working and long stay, lgbtq + friendly, wedding toursim) with particular attention to Generation Z and Millennials. With the aim of having more constant tourist flows spread over several months of the year, not just concentrated between June and September.

Apply the national collective agreement for the sector in a uniform and regulated manner with the inclusion of modern protections and ad hoc training courses for new jobs related to tourism (such as tourist guides or wedding planners) also in collaboration with institutions in charge of training (high schools, provincial hotel institute, sector bilateral bodies).

To systematize the world of private tourist rentals of second homes, often in the black or entrusted to online platforms (example of AirB & B, which does not even pay taxes). Thinking, for example, of groups of second home owners who entrust the management of their properties to cooperatives of young entrepreneurs, creating economies of scale and legality for all related activities (cleaning, services, supplies, etc.).

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Thus also fighting the evasion of Imu, Tari and tourist tax which seriously penalizes tourist municipalities and official accommodation facilities. Also by using the software that crosses rental offers on internet portals with the cadastral databases of local authorities and Fiora Spa. As the Municipalities of Castiglione della Pescaia and Follonica already do, but not those of Grosseto, Scarlino, Orbetello and Monte Argentario. Choice that would allow to recover many resources for services and promotion.

Retrieve a logic of provincial tourism promotion, reconstituting an efficient internet portal and a reception network on the territory as it was with the Mitup (Maremma only provincial tourism information). In connection with the internet portal of the Tuscany Region

Only with clear ideas and perseverance – concludes Ferretti – will the tourism sector consolidate its weight in the Maremma economy, and will be able to resist the changes that will affect us once the pandemic phase is over. To do this, decisive and synergistic action by local institutions is also absolutely necessary to favor the concessions of suitable areas and to create a facilitated taxation system for enlightened and ethical operators. Only in this way will the tourism economy become an incubator of good and qualified work, adequately paid. And not an incubator of black and gray work, as unfortunately it is today ».

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