The recipe of the bosses of the French company to embezzle 2.5 million euros

It is a small earthquake in the Toulouse catering microcosm: three of its most prominent bosses risk imprisonment for having confused the cash of their establishments with their bank accounts. All day Friday, February 26, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Mediacités listened to the room of the Toulouse Tribunal de Grande Instance where Philippe Lacassagne, François-Louis Lapeyre, Arnaud Chérubin and five other people were judged in this court. unusual case for abuse of corporate assets and undeclared work.
As Carole Mauduit, the president of the court, recalled during the trial, the case began on April 27, 2017. That day, a public finance inspector from Toulouse and three other people had lunch at the Compagnie française, near Place Jeanne d’Arc, in Toulouse. The 153 euro bill is paid in cash. This “trap ticket” is the first phase of a tax audit, the next stage of which takes place on December 12 of the same year.

First surprise for the tax inspectors: they discover an email intended for the managers of the restaurant, sent by Marc Menvielle, a senior public finance official from Haute-Garonne. The content is sufficiently disturbing for the tax administration to warn the public prosecutor on the basis of article 40 of the code of criminal procedure. As we revealed last September, the latter opened an investigation for “corruption, misappropriation, illegal taking of interests and violation of professional secrecy” against this official, also involved in the Arribagé affair. His trial will take place on. . .

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