The recipe for penne with scampi

From today’s Cotto e Mangiato recipes 23 February 2021 the recipe for penne with scampi. Tessa Gelisio got this recipe from a chef friend and it is a recipe for a very simple first course but with a surprising result. As always, the Cotto e Mangiato recipes are fast and the pasta with scampi is perfect for both dinner and lunch. A perfect single dish or to which we can add one of the many new Cooked and Eaten recipes. Pennette, scampi, oil, tomato sauce, brandy or other liqueur, cream and you don’t need anything else. Do not miss this and the other recipes on TV, the Cotto e Mangiato recipe to make penne with scampi by Tessa Gelisio.


Ingredients: 400 g of scampi, 200 g of penne, 200 g of tomato sauce, 60 g of cream, brandy to taste, 1 clove of poached garlic, olive oil

Preparation: we separate the head and body of the prawns. In a pan pour a little olive oil, the clove of garlic in a shirt and add the shrimp heads, let it brown and then blend with brandy or a similar liqueur. We add two fingers of very cold water and bring to a boil.

Meanwhile, we shell the tails of the prawns, cut the pulp into small cubes.
When the liquid is boiling in the pan with the shrimp heads, add the tomato sauce, cook and let it dry, so don’t cover. Then we filter everything, remove the heads and pour the sauce back into the pan. Add the pulp of the diced prawns, season with salt and add the cream.

We cook the pasta in boiling salted water. Drain al dente and pour into a pan with the sauce. Add the oil and cooking water of the pasta to whisk.

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