The reasons that made Luis Miguel cry at his last concert

Luis Miguel is living one of the best moments of his life, both personally, with the help of his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas, and professionally with his concert tour where he is sweeping and hanging the ‘sold out’ sign almost daily. According to a statement obtained by People, Luismi’s consecutive concerts on the Movistar Arena stages in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile They have brought together more than 220 thousand people. This tour, which becomes the most extensive of his career, will take him through South America, Mexico and the United States.

Luis Miguel continues to make history with a collection of 25 million dollars, which places him among the highest grossing latin artists of all time. And without even adding the figures of “Luis Miguel Tour 23/24”, the artist brings together a total of 567 concerts, 319 million dollars raised and 4.3 million people gathered at his shows, according to data recorded since the 1990s. by Billboard Boxscore.

‘El Sol de México’ is giving its first concerts of the more than 140 announced until 2024. Accompanied by its 42 musicians and a repertoire of about 20 songswhere pop, bolero and mariachi sound perfectly, causing the euphoria among his fans in the south of the continent.

If a few days ago, the singer was in the news for his go to a hospital in Santiago de Chilethe city in which he was for his next performances, for a flu illness that was causing a severe feveris now in the news for collapsing at his last concert and ending up crying like a child.

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After ten concerts offered at the Movistar Arena in Santiago de Chile, and where they were all sold out, Luis Miguel said goodbye to his audience with the promise that he would return soon. At the end of his last song, the Mexican idol, unlike on other occasions, He spent several minutes thanking the public for their attendance.. Those gathered there began to applaud for more than two minutes, getting the artist will get emotional and end up crying.

«More than 2 minutes of applause and genuine emotionfor those of us who saw his farewell live, it was too emotional. Tremendous artist, tremendous musicians. Dysphonia will never tarnish 40 years of career,” actress Renata Bravo wrote on her Instagram, who captured the moment on her cell phone. A unique moment that It will go down in history as the first time Luis Miguel cried in public in front of his fans.

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