the reaction of the singers, from Myss Keta to Ghali

After the LoveMi concert, a somewhat sexist choir went viral that the audience became used to screaming at concerts. Some singers have decided not to react, others have laughed, but there are also those who did not like to hear the choir at all.

The new trend that has exploded in the concerts of the most varied artists where the public gives rise to a is causing a lot of discussion sexist chorus, in which the singer on duty is invited to “take us to putt ** e”. The reactions of the singers have been the most disparate and most of them are viral on the Internet, especially on Tik Tok.

Above all, however, they reacted with indignation Miss Keta e Expensive who did not appreciate the choir from the audience at all.

Concerts, the reaction of the singers to the sexist choir

Sexist choirs at concerts: the reaction of the singers, from Myss Keta to Ghali

The first to react with disdain to the sexist chorus which in recent weeks has gone trending among concert audiences has been Miss Ketawho reacted as follows:

If I hear it again, I’ll go out. Whoever allows himself to say it will be on fire with my eyes and I will have him thrown out, among the crocodiles. His heart, liver and most of all his tongue will be eaten, so you won’t be able to say all these bitches anymore.

After her words, the audience applauded and the singer returned to perform. However, Miss Keta it was not the only one to reprimand the authors of the choir. In fact, the same Expensive he interrupted his concert to resume those present and the authors of the screams:

You are saying this in the wrong live, because so many people met at my concerts, so many couples who are now married. You certainly don’t need to go puta ** and tonight guys.

The choir went viral after it was screamed for the first time during the concert LoveMi towards J-Ax.

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