The rampant phenomenon of environment up tents for weddings and funerals in the streets of Jeddah, in violation of the law and a danger to the security of its inhabitants – OujdaCity

Abdul Qadir Katara

The phenomenon of environment up tents for holding weddings, banquets and funerals has returned in some alleys and roads of the town of Oujda and some cities of the japanese area in a terrible way, in get to stay away from placing them up in economically highly-priced marriage halls and their length from the city heart and their proximity to the dwelling of the groom or the bride or the funeral household.

A unsafe phenomenon represented in the approach of illegally erecting tents in the streets and alleys, which is not recognized to the metropolitan areas of the jap aspect, which applied to maintain their functions in households for modest households or those wishing to reduce costs, or get together halls scattered in the outskirts of cities for properly-to-do people, whilst respecting the laws in drive that choose Getting into account the consolation and tranquility of the inhabitants of the neighborhood, respecting their independence of motion, and making certain their basic safety within the perimeter.

And a selection of citizens intend to close the entrances to an alley or a street in the neighborhood or even the streets with or devoid of boundaries and without prior warning, then they erect a tent that handles the alley, street, or street, and in some cases one side of a bilateral street that may perhaps be a route for the urban transportation bus line that may pressure the driver to Transforming the line to a different that is not insured, in opposition to the regulation or in violation of it, with the blessing of some neighborhood, security and elected authorities owing to their silence and absence of their reactions, in spite of the lots of and assorted hazards posed by this abnormal scenario.

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Closing the street exits for community functions requires putting indicators 50 meters absent from the put of performs within the metropolis and a red and white colored tape that is noticeable, according to just one of the engineers, to notify drivers of this so that they can slow down or change the highway. Autos, vehicles and motorcycles, it might cause a major and even catastrophic website traffic accident that leads to the victims of dozens of drowned harmless visitors at their social gathering.

Placing up tents involves planting pegs of extra than 50 centimeters in the ground of alleys and paved streets, on which millions of dirhams have been put in, then leaving the pits uncovered to rainwater that seeps into its depth and brings about, soon after months, to damage its higher crust and then messes with the legs and wheels of autos and bicycles to last but not least change into A tract of dirt and stones in the summer, and puddles of drinking water and mud in the wet year.

The sound of the loud horns penetrates into the depths of the houses and does not halt right until 7 in the early morning, while the law specifies sound waves at 100 meters throughout the evening and the evening does not go beyond midnight, and so the sounds switch into a seem pollutant that harms the residents and turns their night time into a nightmare, not to mention the sick and infants. Small children and the elderly who need to have peace and peaceful.

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An engineer in the city community in Oujda confirmed that no one particular provides licenses for this variety of wedding day pursuits, nor can any person be allowed to ruin community property on which the local community spends large sums of its funds and is even now not finished but from paving all the alleys and streets of the town.

Another official in the Community Council blamed the neighborhood authorities, which are existing in the put and have the electric power and usually means of prevention and deterrence, in contrast to the urban neighborhood, which can only report.

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