The race of courage will experience changes: this year it will take place in Liepaja in the urban environment

At the event, challengers will be able to test their physical and mental abilities on the seven- and 14-kilometer-long obstacle courses in the urban environment. More than half a thousand participants have accumulated the total points of the race series this season in Pļaviņas, Riga Open-Air Museum and Ikšķile. In the final stage, a fight for the winners of the overall rating of the Courage Race 2020 season is expected in Liepāja.

This year the competition in Liepaja will experience changes. The organizers have made it more dynamic and interesting for both the participant and the fans by moving the Courage race to the urban environment, the organizers believe. The competition will also test the strength, dexterity and speed of the participants with an obstacle course that will wind through the dunes, Liepāja Jurmala Park and the adjacent territory in an unusual environment for Liepāja residents.

“Although there will be fewer natural obstacles on the track than in Beberliņi, it will be no less challenging, as the competitors will also have to overcome 30 or 60 designed obstacles, evenly distributed along the entire route, depending on the distance to the finish,” competition organizer Mārtiņš Vēvelis, explaining that natural obstacles will be supplemented with artificial ones.

Various other distance tasks will also make the track more interesting – carrying sandbags and wooden blocks, pulling stones, rolling tractor tires.

Anyone who has reached the age of majority can participate in the competition. Participants are invited to apply for competitions in women’s, men’s and team classes. Teams can be men’s, women’s, as well as mixed. The team is a group of four to six people. Regardless of the class represented, the distance is covered by the team together and in full. The finish time of the last member will be considered the team finish time. Participation in the competition from the age of 14 can only be done with the written permission of a parent or guardian, but even younger people can go on the track only accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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You can register for the competition on the website “” until September 15, as well as on the day of the competition. Each participant can register for the competition individually. For team distance, registration can be done by one person chosen by the team, who takes responsibility for informing each registered team member about the rules mentioned in the event regulations.

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