The Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra will hold free concerts in various towns | Shows

The Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra (OSPR) announced that it will be visiting the towns of Moca, Humacao, Corozal, Bayamón and Guayanilla as part of a free concert tour on the occasion of the Christmas season.

The presentations are part of the Cultural Rescue initiative for covid-19 and will be directed by teacher Roselin Pabón, director emeritus of the group.

“Visiting the towns this year acquires a special meaning because it gives us the joy of seeing each other and connecting with the public again, after the difficult times we have lived through. This tour is the hope of a new beginning and a musical gift to our people, ”Pabón said in written statements.

During each presentation, the Symphony Orchestra will perform classic Christmas themes such as the Yaucano Christmas Carol and Merry Christmas, as well as featuring guest artists such as the singer Jehú Sotero, the troubadour Jesús Román and the cuatrista Fabiola Méndez.

As part of the initiative, artisans and plastic artists will have an area to display their creations to the public, which will represent a good opportunity to make gift purchases.

Here is the itinerary of the tour, called Parrandeando con Tu Sinfónica:

December 3 – Bahía Viva de Cataño

December 4 – Artisan Walk of Moca

December 11 – Humacao Fine Arts Center

December 16 – Corozal public square

December 17 – Parking of the Urban Train station in Bayamón

December 23 – Public Square of Guayanilla

All concerts will start at 7:00 pm


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