the prosecutor requests a 5,000 euros fine against the former number 2 of the Ardennes police

The court’s decision is under advisement on July 16.

“If you were to enter the process of conviction, it would be for a fine.” This is what the prosecutor of the Republic of Charleville-Mézières, Laurent de Caigny, requested during the trial of Philippe Moronval, the former number 2 of the Ardennes police, at the carolo criminal court. He claims 5,000 euros fine including 3,000 euros suspended “due to his current situation, retirement”, he said shortly before 6 p.m. The court’s decision is under advisement on July 16. Here are the takeaways from the trial.

  Philippe Moronval is tried before the court of Charleville-Mézières.

Philippe Moronval is tried before the court of Charleville-Mézières.

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  • Information from three different surveys. This Monday, Philippe Moronval is on trial for having disclosed information relating to three investigations underway at the time. The first concerns the former deputy of the departmental director of public security of the Ardennes and the brother of a lawyer well known to the Carolos, Ahmed Harir, involved in acts of violence. The second targets a mutual friend of Philippe Moronval and Ahmed Harir: the ophthalmologist Mahmoud Alamé, implicated in a handrail for sexual assault. Copies of this handrail were found at his home. Finally, the third is the most well-known in the media. The former commissioner is accused of having informed individuals about an investigation underway in the context of drug trafficking. It was the commissioner in place at the time, Eric Krust, who denounced the facts to the prosecutor.
  • Lawyer Ahmed Harir contacted Philippe Moronval about the case concerning his brother. Master Ahmed Harir would have asked questions to Philippe Moronval about the investigation concerning his brother, Chérif Harir. The latter, a professional hotelier, was accused of violence against a craftsman in another case. (Subsequently, Chérif Harir was released by the courts, editor’s note).
  • “An empty file”, “suspicions”, according to the prosecutor carolo. In the case involving the ophthalmologist Mahmoud Alamé, it appears that the former Ardennes commissioner, the doctor and the lawyer met at Master Harir’s office to discuss the case concerning the doctor. According to the facts, Philippe Moronval would have benefited from a rent lower than market prices for his apartment which belonged to the doctor. During his requisition, the public prosecutor of Charleville declared that these facts are only suspicions, “that the folder is empty” and “the eavesdropping revealed nothing”.
  • The ex-commissioner faces up to two years in prison. Philippe Moronval is on trial for “revealing information about a felony or misdemeanor investigation to a person likely to be involved”.
  • The defendant still absent, after two postponements, in 2018 and 2021. The hearing was initially to be held in March 2018. It was finally postponed to March 2021 and then to June 7, for health reasons of the defendant, reports the Ardennes. Last March, his lawyer, Patrick Manil, specified that the former police officer, now retired, had been closely followed by a doctor for several months.

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