The promoter of La Polla Records, sanctioned for the ‘denier’ attitude of the concerts

the concert promoter Last Tour must pay 6,000 euros, the maximum sanction established by the Department of Health, for failing to comply with health regulations in the actions of the group La Polla Records in Vitoria since the covid passport was not required at the entrance and part of the public did not use masks.

These two performances were held on December 17 and 18 at the Buesa Arena Pavilion in Vitoria, as part of the farewell tour of the punk group from Álava, after more than 40 years on stage.

According to Efe, the Basque Government inspectors who attended these two concerts found a “clear breach” of the anticovid regulations, since among the attendees there was a “total absence of the use of masks”, as they denounced.

The Department of Health, in view of what happened, has imposed the maximum sanction contemplated in the health regulations due to the fact that two infractions were committed: not requiring the digital covid certificate and supporting documentation at the entrance, and failing to comply with the mandatory use of a mask.

The Basque Government recalls that on those dates, the Basque Country was in a health emergency situation, for which it has applied the sanctioning procedure contemplated in the legislation on the management of the pandemic and has imposed fines of 3,000 euros for each concert.

In the first of them, on Friday, December 17, the vast majority of the public did not wear a mask, according to the images of the concert, in which the group interrupted its performance to leave the stage to two representatives of the Bizitza platform -opposite to the covid and anti-vaccine passport – who read a statement stating that this health certificate is a government measure to “control” citizens.

Last Tour has assured Efe upon learning of this sanction that “it works in the legal channels required by this process”

After these two performances, another farewell concert for the group was planned at the Anoeta Velodrome in San Sebastián on December 29, but it was suspended due to the reduced capacity due to the new health regulations applied in the Basque Country.

However, one last performance by La Polla Records was held on the 30th at the Wizink Center in Madrid, within the “Madrid Resiste” festival, in which the groups Reincidentes, Porretas and Rat-Zinger also took to the stage.

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