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The Restorer School project again invites children to classes. Schoolchildren from eight to 18 years old can take part in it. They will receive basic knowledge about the main directions of restoration work and ways to preserve historical monuments.

Classes will help schoolchildren prepare for training in specialized colleges in the areas of “Restorer of art products and decorative objects”, “Modeler of architectural details”, “Artist of painting on wood”, “Artist of miniature painting”. These are demanded professions in the field of restoration and woodworking.

The children will learn how to work with the materials used in the restoration, get acquainted with tools for wood, stucco and stone, see restoration workshops, take part in master classes and visit excursions where they learn about the cultural heritage of the capital.

Classes are free, they will be held on Saturdays from 12:00 to 15:00 in the “Restoration” department of the “26 KADR” college. The duration of the course is from November to May.

To become a member of the Restoration School project, all you have to do is apply for In the line “Direction, name or number of the circle” you must indicate 1462157. There are no requirements and no preliminary selections.

The free program of pre-professional training “School of the Restorer” is a joint project of the Department of Cultural Heritage and the College of Architecture, Design and Reengineering No. 26 (“26 FRAME”).


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