The prodigal son will not change: Josh Jackson reborn in Detroit-NBA-Basketball

The NBA has never lacked wasted talent. Josh Jackson (JJ), the fourth overall pick in the first round of 2017, is very likely to be next before the season starts.

In the first three seasons of his career, JJ can be said to have messed up. Fortunately, after joining the Pistons this season, he returned to the court with his focus, secondly he was talented and he was young. The most important thing is that the team has more chances to rebuild (Detroit becomes a charity) City? The next step after the Pistons continues to play), JJ is now one of the most important wing forces of the Pistons.

JJ was born in sunny San Diego, and his family moved to cold Michigan when he was 8 months old. JJ attended the Detroit local school in the first two years of high school and played well. In the third year of high school, he moved back to California with his family and continued to improve. In 2016, he participated in the National High School McDonald’s All-Star Game and won the MVP honor with Frank Jackson (who happens to be a Kansas teammate and current Pistons teammate).

JJ became famous all over the country very early. Two of the main competitions listed him as the first person in the 2016 ladder. Only ESPN placed him behind Harry Giles. JJ finally chose the prestigious University of Kansas, 6-8 height coupled with excellent athletic ability and coordination, whether it is dribbling, passing, defense has a hand, is the best material for large all-around wing, NCAA water for a year After joining the NBA.

JJ’s talent is unquestionable, but the development is not smooth. The Suns picked him away, but there was a mess at the time. Three head coaches were exchanged in two seasons. The lack of suitable veteran inheritance was not suitable for rookie development. JJ was troubled by some minor injuries, and then a sad off-court incident. First participated in a music festival in Miami and rushed into the VIP area, but after being arrested by the police, he wanted to escape; then he was accused by his girlfriend of allowing their children to be exposed to marijuana, which caused a “trouble”. The great fortune in the misfortune is that these two things have ended here and did not lead to prison.

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The development was not as good as expected, coupled with off-court troubles. After taking office, the new Sunmaster James Jones simply gave up on him, not hesitating to post his assets to let him leave the team. For young players, it is not a good sign that the team chosen by the draft to give up; from another perspective, the new environment may be an opportunity, JJ was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies.

JJ’s talent is visible to the naked eye, and the Grizzlies have specially formulated a development plan for him. At the beginning, he adjusted in the development league and designated the defensive champion Tony Allen as a personal guide. Although he was suspended for one game for missing the team meeting for no reason, JJ’s overall performance on the court was not bad, and he did not get into other troubles off the court.

JJ cherishes this opportunity very much and optimistically made the following expressions:

I really enjoy the feeling of playing in the Development League. The last time I felt like this was probably in the AAU era. Don’t feel pity for me, I cherish the opportunity to play.

After playing for a while in the Development League, the Grizzlies called him back to the NBA, and got some playing opportunities before the NBA epidemic was suspended. It’s a pity that JJ was in bad condition in the Orlando bubble circle. There was no time for him to adjust after the first game. Due to record pressure, he almost sat on the bench. The Grizzlies refused to exercise the team option for the fourth year of their rookie contract because of unknown circumstances when they got JJ. JJ became a free agent after the season. It may be that the play style that requires the ball in hand is not suitable for the young master Ja Morant, or it may be that the price cannot be agreed, JJ finally left Memphis.

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The first round of the standard rookie contract is 2+2, the first two years of guaranteed contract plus the right to choose the team for the next two years. The Suns exercised the right to choose the team for the third year, but the Grizzlies refused to choose. The JJ rookie has worn two different jerseys after completing the contract, and is still wasting a lot of time in the development league. It seems very likely to be the next one. There is no time for the potential new star to shine. JJ regained his freedom and decided to join the Detroit Pistons in his hometown team.

The Pistons signed this local soldier with a two-year 9.8M contract, hoping that he can play in Detroit. On the same ladder, Jayson Tatum, De’Aaron Fox, Donovan Mitchell, and Bam Adebayo have all received the maximum salary extension of the parent team, and even the number one man Markelle Fultz who is troubled by a strange injury (has an injury or no injury? Review the progress of the number one man Fultz’s injury) After being traded to the Magic, he made some achievements and got a long contract before the cruciate ligament injury. In comparison, JJ’s worth is far from the ladder, and he has not even proven that he can stand in the NBA.

Joining the Pistons in his hometown team, JJ knew it was probably the last chance. Before the training camp, he said:

This is the low point of my career, I probably have nowhere to go. But now I feel that I am moving in the right direction and will continue to work hard to keep improving.

Because of his freshman year, JJ was under 24 when he signed with the Pistons. The first three years of JJ’s time in the league can be said to have been wasted. First, there is no stable playing time and positioning, and second, there is no fixed system. His confrontation and personal skills may have improved, but in many cases he still relies on innate conditions to play.

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Fortunately, even after ups and downs, JJ’s talent and performance are still mouth-watering. As one of the main attackers for the Pistons this season, he was very active. He has a good first step. He can dribble the ball and turn around with his left and right hands. He can bomb the rim with great thunder and can also show a light touch of the ball. Shooting ability is the biggest shortcoming. It seems to have improved slightly this season, but it is still less than the league average. JJ’s career three-point line is only about 30%, which is too much difference this season. The free throw rate in college was less than 60%. After entering the NBA, There is an increase but less than 70%.

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